Anytime soon, we would be reading legal questions about why Vice Governor Dionisio Balite still clings on to his seat despite a suspension order which he and a good number of former provincial government officials have been meted with.

For allowing then Governor Erico Aumentado to purchase heavy equipment by greenlighting a letter of credit to a bank, Balite, along with several officials have been given a slap on the wrist and a 3 month work suspension without benefits.

Suspended, Balite and the concerned officials had a legal recourse: file a temporary restraining order (TRO) so implementing the order can be held in abeyance enough for the Ombudsman to decide on the propriety of the move to temporarily suspend perceived erring officials.

Of course, while others just decided to wait out for the suspension, Balite, through his counsel filed for a TRO, which the courts also granted.

Filing the TRO is just a statement that Balite thinks suspension was unjustified.

Those who did not file for the temporary reprieve, might think a TRO is useless.

So, those who just sat out for the suspension order, shamefully chastised, could also be an admission that they did know they were wrong.

But Balite will have none of that. He, who felt there was nothing wrong with allowing the governor to get a letter of credit, questioned and got a temporary reprieve. From the courts, and from the people whose doubts have been expunged for Balite’s fighting for justice.

Seemingly, by some kind of reckoning, Balite’s TRO may have expired already and the Ombudsman still has to blow the whistle and make a decision. This now sparked the legal question.

This week, we already see the social media trolls identified by the local Administration question Balite’s “callousness.”

What made Balite tenaciously cling keep to the vice governor’s seat when the suspension order could already be implemented?

Had it come from Balite’s supporters, we would hail the whistle blowers.

But, when it would emanate from the same mouths who remain zipped about the blatant abuse of discretion of the governor in personally designating the Provincial Administrator and other lower ranking officials to be the governor’s alter ego, even with the vice governor obviously alive and present, would their clanging raucous be worth listening?

By delicadeza, the Vice Governor must be allowed to sit over. But he was never given the confidence.

When the Governor flew out of the country, shouldn’t delicadeza of the disente’ng officails of the best managed province deny the chance for the vice to sit in?

And in utter disregard to delicadeza, we see the Capitol paid barkdogs, or lapdogs praise and announce to all and sundry the presence of a suspended provincial official clearly present and calling the shots.

Why is a suspended provincial official be prominently present on high stakes meetings especially when it entails Capitol dealing with money?

Of course we know what draws these people into these anti-Balite frenzy: the scent of money is like blood in the water for these predators on the prowl.

This, incidentally too, is just the micro picture of a macroscopic reality which only the yellow toes as their script, followed to the dot.

And with these bashing that Balite gets, would looking away from these mentioned excesses not be yellowed hypocrisy?

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