The new Courtyard Technology Hub is now here to serve Tagbilaran’s Digital Nomad

Dandreb James Arro


Freelancing has been a viable option for many Filipinos. In fact, there are more than 2 million Filipino freelancers despite slower internet in the country, with these freelancers earning an estimated $10 to $50 per hour, depending on the job. Apart from having to earn above daily minimum wage, freelancers are not tied to a desk in a clock in-clock out, eight-to-five corporate setup. This gives them more time to pursue other passions.


While most freelancers opt to work in the comforts of their own home, oftentimes, the cabin fever kicks in and a new working environment becomes a necessity. This is when other go-to work options come in handy, like coffee shops. But expenses can balloon with every fill of coffee and there will be days when a barkada conversation can be loud and distracting.


This is when co-working space came to the scene. A co-working space is a shared workplace where freelancers and startup entrepreneurs can rent a table or room for a fee. These digital nomads can bank on the high-speed internet provided by co-working space while enjoying a new scenery and free coffee. Moreover, these co-working space provide avenues for these individuals to build a community where they can share ideas and collaborate on projects.


Co-working spaces have sprouted in some of the country’s busiest business hotbeds like Makati and Cebu City. Recently, a co-working space venture has found its way into the thriving Tagbilaran City.


D’ Courtyard Technology Hub is a co-working space located at CPG North Avenue fronting Dr. Cecilio Putong National High School (affectionately called Bohol High). It provides a private workstation amidst the bustling Tagbilaran City business scene where teams and individuals can transform ideas into realities.


D’ Courtyard Technology Hub workspaces can accommodate teams of up to 20 members. There are workspaces within glass walls surrounded by garden views, stimulating the senses for the free flow of ideas. The meeting room can accommodate groups to discuss, analyze, and synthesize ideas, the first step in creating a new innovative venture.


Apart from that, D’ Courtyard Technology Hub provides fast and reliable internet up to 200 mbps that allow businesses, freelances, and other players to thrive in the digital economy. Food and beverages are made readily available for a quick bite or refreshment, making sure that the flow of ideas will be uninterrupted by hunger or thirst. The best part is that D’ Courtyard Technology Hub aims to help build communities that explore possibilities through sharing and collaboration.


For those who wish to work in a warm collaborative space that thrives on inspiration and imagination,

D’ Courtyard Technology Hub can be their home. With amenities that suit the life of anyone whose opportunities are sought in freelancing, going online has just been much more enticing.


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