Tech Talk: A HappyTechie Valentines Day

Once upon a time, there was Valentines Day, a day filled with mushy letters and red hearts and flowers; then came computers, Facebook, Skype and Twitter. The “older” generation would often say that communicating thoughts and feelings aren’t given as much value as they did before, and one of their reasons is because almost everything nowadays are done automatically and with very little effort. Love letters have turned into emails or text messages, and valentine gifts have morphed into gadgets and gizmos. Yes, Valentine traditions have already been altered. But on the idea that communicating feelings are given much value, we, the techies, beg to differ. In fact, during these times, the emphasis on communication has grown even stronger.

Technology has made us capable of checking on our loved ones abroad, and even to kids who are just in school or at the mall. It has made us capable of communicating feelings that we find difficult to personally say.

Thanks to computers, smart phones and the internet, we are able to talk to our loved ones even if they are a thousand miles away from us. Take Skype for example, providing us with free video talking, what more could we ask for? Then we have the ever popular Facebook, I bet everyone who has used it would at one time or another say,”Hey, I found my highschool bestfriend again!” And for Valentines, what could be more romantic for a couple being separated by a vast ocean than an online date? As long as we stick to safety and proper use of technology, there is nothing daunting about it.

So we techies don’t really find technology a disruption of the genuine romantic atmosphere of Valentines Day. Let us keep in mind that technology is merely a tool to express ourselves. The romanticism and sincerity will always come from within the person and how he decides to express it. Although it still remains to be seen if technology can really replace real red roses and cheesy Valentine’s cards.

Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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