TBTK Theme Song launched during Tagbilaranon’s St. Joseph’s Fiesta Celebration at Wyckoff, New Jersey

TBTKish Gathering of our Paring Bol-anon,USA in NYC.  With the TBTK Chairperson Betty Veloso-Garcia, from left: Fr. Doming Orimaco,Papal Nuncio to Haiti, Bishop Barney Auza, Fr. Roel Lungay,TBTK song composer, and Minda Mascarinas-Cadag.

It is said that music is the food that feeds our soul. What a fitting delight to know that

our TBTK Global Homecoming campaign promotion not just has its own official Theme Song, but its composer is no less a Priest, gifted with such extra-ordinary skill in music and among the Paring Bol-anon holding pastoral assignment abroad who is right now connected to a Louisiana Parish in the United States, in the person of Fr. Roel Lungay. Music was arranged and sang by Romy Ceniza Mascarinas, another talent based in Tagbilaran City.

Better still, such TBTK Theme Song was first aired during Tagbilarans fiesta celebration at Wyckoff, New Jersey where a big congregation of the Boholano community in the East Coast were in attendance last May 9, a Saturday. To everybody’s delight, touching the heart, mind and soul of every Boholano hearing the melody and the lyrics of the song that emits love of our home-province, our people and the invitation to be home this July for the grand celebration..

Such information is no less revealed by our TBTK Chairperson, Mrs. Betty Veloso-Garcia, who was invited as the Inducting Officer of the Tagbilaranon’s of Eastern USA headed by another Paring Bol-anon, Fr. Fernando Po, as re-elected President.

Hereunder is the lyrics of the TBTK’s Theme Song in its entirety. To hear the song, log on to our website at tbtk.org . or click youtube, or get in touch with us thru our e-mail ad:douglashont@hotmail.com.


Words by J. Roel Lungay

Music by Romeo C. Mascariñas


Panahon sa kasadya

Ania na usab

Dakong panaghudyaka

Kanato nagtawag

Kita mag tapok-tapok

Kita mag tigum-tigum.


Hala tibuok banay

Pangandam na kamo

Ma nanay man o tatay

Ma dodong man o inday

Kitang tanan mo byahe

Kitang tanan pauli.


Tigum Bol-anon tigum

Dili na gyod maluom

Tigum Bol-anon tigum

Dili na gyod mahilom

Mahal natong probinsya

Nagsige nag pangagda

Bol-anon tib’ok kalibutan

Sundon nato ang dalan

Pauli sa Bohol,

Pinangga tang Bohol.


Kalambo, kahiusa

Paga damgohon ta

Yuta natong natawhan

Atong pangalagaran

Ayaw kamo kalimot

Tandaon ta siya.


Bol-anong panawagan

Kaninyo nga tanan.

Bol-anon’sa kalibutan

O dungga ki’ng tanan;

Salamat, o Bol-anon

Magkita-kita tang tanan.



Tigum Bol-anon tigum!

Bol-anon tib’ok kalibutan

Bol-anon tib’ok kalibutan

Uban kamo sa panagtigum!



Tigum Bol-anon tigum!

Tigum Bol-anon tigum!

Tigum Bol-anon tigum!

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