TBTK: Boholanos in America and Elsewhere Abroad

Aim high,

for stars lie hidden in your soul.

Dream deep,

for every dream precedes a goal.

Pamela V. Starr

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We thank the Bohol News Daily(BND), thru Jerome Auza and Fides Maria Vistal, for providing us space in their publication, to reach out to our Boholano brothers and sisters at home, in the Philippines and wherever they are station in the world. For they are our intended target in our campaign promotion that is starting in earnest, in preparation for TBTK 2012, which is three years from now. Through this online web, we wish to communicate and get in touch with our people. Giving them updated news and development on a weekly basis about TBTK, the Boholano associations in America and elsewhere abroad, the personalities involve, highlighting their stories thru the BND. We believe our stories are also of the readers’ interest. Just as we, the Boholanos on overseas assignments, are interested too of current news and developments in our home province.

As they say, in whatever human endeavor, communication is the key that will bring the proponent to the realization of their aspired goals.

In our travel through the United States, we were once able to set foot on a well-appointed office, in a skyscraper located along Chicago’s suburb. What met our eyes as we passed through the entrance door is the sight of a mounted, colored picture that bears this marking: “Communication is the key to success, pass it on.

For it can spell the difference between success or failure, between victory and defeat, between life and death even.”

As the appointed Communications Director, this writer is given the task by the TBTK Chairperson Betty Veloso-Garcia, to start spreading the news. The load may not be easy and the burden may not be light, but we will carry this task until D-day to show our love and affection for Bohol and our fellow Boholanos. Yes, the success of a grand undertaking as the TBTK, depends on our ability to disseminate information the soonest time possible. We count on you, our dear readers, our Boholano friends and supporters, to rally round our fold that hopefully we can be homeward bound, see each other in Bohol, in the month of July, 2012. Replicate the success of the previous TBTK staging. God willing. What more, we intend to come up with better plans, programs and action to bring out the best in the next Tigum.

Together, we will make a difference in the lives of our people. Together, we will introduce new ideas, channel our resources and hard-earned money from our workplace abroad, and contribute our share for nation building, for the progress of our province. Together, we can make dreams come true by becoming role models for our children, our young students and professionals back home, who too desire to gain employment abroad and improve their stature in life for themselves and their families.

The thing speaks for itself what the last four TBTK staging since 1999 had brought wonders to our province. We are now the premier tourist destination in the Philippines. Tagbilaran is adjudged as the most progressive provincial city and

Bohol is elevated from the ranks of the depressed to vastly improved. We are the leader among provincial ethnic groups in the country whose dollar remittances from our OCW-OFWs, keep our economy alive and vibrant. The Boholanos are now respected in the Philippines and our overseas workers admired in workplaces abroad. We are now everywhere, globally at that. From America, Canada, Europe, Australia, Asia, the Middle East and even in far-away Africa. The Boholano community’s influence transcends beyond national borders and stretches through the seven seas.

This is one achievement that we Boholanos should be proud of. That the TBTK Global Gathering which we look forward to every three years, is an idea that speaks of our identity and unity as a people. The common bonding and love of Bohol. Confucius said that the journey thru a thousand miles begins with a single step. Let this write-up be the beginning of our interactions with the rest of the Boholanos wherever you may be situated. For us to have that common mission, vision, goal to look forward to for TBTK 2012.

For queries and inquiries, get in touch with us thru our e-mail ad:douglashont@hotmail.com. Till the next issue.

Douglas B. Hontanosas

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