TBTK 2009 given support by Bohol Sandugo

The latest letter received by the TBTK Chairperson Betty Veloso-Garcia from the acting Chairman of the Bohol Sandugo Foundation,Inc. and Deputy Mayor of the City of Tagbilaran, Mariano L. Uy is enough reason to smile and bring ecstasy to the heart of its intended recipient. Like music to our ears. A cause of celebration to Boholano balikbayans who will be arriving in planeloads from all corners of the world. For it brings the message that we so long to hear – the full support of the Bohol Sandugo and the City Government of Tagbilaran to the 2009 TBTK Global Homecoming this month of July.

Hereunder is the full text of Mr. Uy’s letter dated May 28,2009 to the TBTK Chair, which speaks for itself.

May 28, 2009


President and Chairman

TBTK Foundation

Dear Ms. Garcia:


The Bohol Sandugo Foundation, Inc. is again on its threshold of preparation as it reaches the 21st year of spurring the province into being the prime eco-cultural tourism destination in the country thru the Sandugo Festival. Considering that this year’s celebration coincides with the global homecoming of Boholanos dubbed Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan which you are spearheading, this year’s edition promises to be notches higher.

As such, our preparation is also inclined towards according our returning Boholanos with the kind of hospitality we are known of. Thus, we are committing the following;

* Hang welcome streamers at city entry points, activity centers, and hotels/inns with the help of the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants (BAHRR)
* Provide special seats for TBTK participants during the monthlong nightly entertainment and limited seats at the stage (max of 20) during the Streetdancing Competition. (the rest of the TBTK participants may occupy Grandstand bleachers)
* Give due acknowledgment to TBTK in our promotional sorties and during the conduct of any Sandugo activities.
* Involve TBTK participants in the Blood Compact Re-enactment and Streetdancing parade
* Donate three (3) Sandugo custom-made trophies for Miss and Mrs TBTK International and Tennis Tournament

Furthermore, we invite you to field-in a Member to the Board of Judges for Miss Bohol Sandugo at Bohol Cultural Center on July 18 at 8:00 pm and the Streetdancing Competition at CPG Sports Complex on July 26 at 1:00 pm, preferably with relative experience on judging such competition. This invitation is initially served to your kind person, but should you be unavailable, you may send someone to represent your organization.

Be with us in promoting Filipino heritage and in reliving humanity’s eternal pact for unity and peace through the Sandugo Festival

Yours truly,


Deputy Mayor, City of Tagbilaran

Acting Chairman, BSFI

In her e-mail postings circulated to the TBTK shareholders, Mrs. Garcia said and quote:… after all the struggles and deliberation, we have come to a diplomatic state,
Praise the Lord. My heartfelt thanks to all for your patience, time, and effort to make this event a great success. We only have a month and a half left, let’s do what we are supposed to do.

So, to All Boholanos wherever you are situated in the Philippines and abroad, Manguli Ta Sa Bohol sa July 14-26,2009 for the Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan. See You There.

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