CHR: “rights cases” halved in a decade

THE Commission on Human Rights in Bohol now records a significant decrease in human rights cases
compared to about a decade ago.

In fact, had not the commission expanded its services to include a legal advice and inter-agency referral
system that was not institutionalized in its past functions, the cases this year may have been much lower,
admits Bohol CHR Rito Montes.

Montes showed statistics as he bared these developments during the recent Kapihan sa PIA aired live over

Set up to commemorate the national Human Rights Week Celebration and adopting the theme Karapatang
Pantao: Kilalanin, Tuparin at Pagyamanin, the forum on air with the CHR was aimed to update Boholanos of
the human rights situation in Bohol.

In 1999, CHR Bohol noted 57 cases of human rights violations.

This was even lower compared to 2002 when at the height of Bohol’s struggles facing insurgency and holding
it by the horns where some 88 cases were recorded.

In 2008 and 2009 however, the CHR said it noted only 24 cases on both years.

It added that their 30 cases form January to November of this year, may be understood because of the newly
opened legal assistance and inter-agency referral system that was recently institutionalized and incorporated in
the CHR mandate, Montes explained.

In its comparative data provided, CHR bared that that in 2010, while recorded cases of violations went to 30, 7
of these are actually legal advice and assistance cases, a new service by the CHR.

Bohol CHR officially submitted only 24 cases for docketing at the regional office this year, Montes bared.

Even then, CHR regional Director Atty. Alejandro Alonso admitted that there are still some areas where the
government has not fully addressed.

Alonso was quick to follow it up by citing the need to address the full implementation of the law against extra
legal killings and enforced disappearances, which have been reported until the present.

Moreover Atty. Alonzo said human rights education continues to be the agency’s top priority in its efforts to be
proactive in its human rights advocacy and violations monitoring mandates.

He also urged everybody’s help in helping to realize their agency mandate to actualize an empowered society.

Ulitawo gipusil, iyang likod nabuslot

Ulitawo gipusil, iyang likod nabuslot

GRABENG hingsamdan ang usa ka ulitawo human gipusil sa wala mailhing armadong suspetsado samtang nitan-aw og salida sa tv sa ilang pinuy-anan didto sa barangay Upper Cabanictan, Batuan, Bohol niadtong Dominggo sa gabii.

Ang biktima nga si Bernardo Oque, 36 naigo sa iyang likod diin ang bala nilusot ngadto sa iyang kuto-kuto ug daling gidala didto sa Congressman Simeon Toribio Memorial Hospital sa lungsod sa Carmen apan gumikan sa iyang kahimtang, gibalhin sa usa ka tambalanan sa dakbayan sa Tagbilaran.

Nasayran sa taho nga samtang ang biktima nag-inusara sa ilang balay ug nitan-aw og salida sa tv pasado alas 7 sa gabii dihang dunay nilili sa amakan nga bongbong ug kalit lamang kining gipusil sa wa mahibaw-i nga responsable.

Padayon pang gisusi sa kapulisan sa Batuan ang naasoy nga hitabo. (Andy Nalzaro)

Upat ka suspek sa paglungkab og delivery truck dakpan sa Valencia

UPAT ka mga lalaki usa niini minor de edad kinsa maoy gitumbok sa pagpanglungkab sa usa ka delivery truck sa sigarilyo ag gisikop didto sa lungsod sa Valencia niadtong Sabado.

Giila ang mga suspetsado nga sila si Pedro Maglubay Jr., 30, Dindo Furtogakliza, 19, ulitawo, Eric Macalandag, 19, ulitawo ug usa ka Ricky, 17, pulos nagpuyo sa barangay Panas sa maong lungsod.

Sayo niini, usa ka Remigio Suello, usa ka auditor sa Anglo American Tobacco Corporation nitaho sa kapulisan nga gilungkab ang ilang delivery truck niadtong Biyernes sa gabii samtang sila namahulay didto sa Richem Vacation House Lot sa maong dapit.

Matud sa taho nga giguba sa mga suspek ang kandado sa maong sakyanan gamit ang usa ka puthaw ug gikuha ang usa ka karton nga dunay 50 ka ream sa klase-klaseng brand sa sigarilyo nga mokabat ngadto sa P3,000.

Nadakpan ang mga responsable sa gihimong pag-follow-up sa Valencia Police Station pinangoluhan sa ilang hepe nga si Inspector Joseph Villas. (Andy Nalzaro)

Bohol opens doors to BPO, estimated 10,500 seats up

BOHOL is now ready to accept investors for business process out-sourcing with the new fiber-otic system in place, reports Governor Edgar Chatto during his recent weekly program.

The development effectively opens some estimated 10,500 seats for call center agents in Tagbilaran or in any part of Bohol with the connection to the information technology data superhighway.

Prospected as a good venue for business process outsourcing, Bohol has never failed to amaze information technology entrepreneurs who see the presence of competitive schools offering standard call center courses as a telltale sign of competitiveness.

The support infrastructure however was the question.

The need to put up the fiber optic cables to tap Bohol into the vast world wide network was completed last year, sources at the Bohol Investment Promotion Center said.

The formal tapping of Bohol to the world also signaled the opening of Bohol One Stop Shop (BOSS) for investment support now located at the BIPC. (PIABohol)

Jatropha funders back out, Capitol reviews contracts

WITH the project jatropha showing signs of being in jeopardy, Governor Edgar Chatto said he has commissioned a study group to review the contracts and see what the provincial government can do.

Then briskly sold by capitol through a point person, Project jatropha hopes to ignite in Bohol’s idle lands the habit of cultivating jatropha curcas, as an alternative source of livelihood and at the same time furnishing the source for the government’s bio-fuel development program.

Former governor Erico Aumentado believed that growing jatropha is a good alternative livelihood especially when the government itself is buying through the Philippine National oil Company under the Department of Energy’s alternative energy development program.
The project jatropha accordingly assures some 24,000 farmhand jobs, and the governor wasted no time in inking a memorandum of agreement with Philippine National Oil Company-Alternative Fuels Corporation (PNOC-AFC) that would seal the Project Jatropha here.
The initial covenant was for Bohol to convert its idle lands into productive green-fuel source with the initial 3,000 hectares of jatropha curcas plantation, the farmers themselves getting paid P1.25 per plant while eight years later still owning the fruit-bearing tuba-tuba.
That agreement signed in 2009 also allowed PNOC to put up P23,000 per hectare as mobility fund which would be used for sourcing out for planting materials, labor component and inputs.
According to sources, one of the MOA provisions, call for the PNOC to buy jatropha from Bohol farmers in the next 25 years, considering the escalation costs.
But despite a dream-come true promise for Bohol farmers, recent reports said that financiers have backed out of the agreements and the present governor is at a loss on how to manage the problem.

Left with practically a combustible investment with people already nurturing fruiting jatropha and no buyers, Governor Edgar Chatto said part of the study is to determine the content of the initial agreements, identify the sites reforested with jatropha, and what are the deliverables of each signatory.

We need to review the agreements to that we will have an idea on how to approach the problem and craft solutions, Chatto said. (racPIABohol)