Pilar mayor, hopeful of new barangay partners

PILAR Mayor Wilson Pajo, who has been working to get the town off the list of most poverty stricken
towns in Bohol said he appreciates the new team members who are getting the people’s mandate in
the past barangay and Sangguninag Kabataan elections.

These people, he said would be his partners in plotting the development plans for the town’s 21

This too as the town retained about half of its village chairmen while residents also elected 11 new
punong barangays, town information officer Gualberto Jaspe said Friday.

And from independent sources, this early, at least two returning barangay chairmen and three more
newly elected chairmen would be contesting the coveted seat of the town’s Association of Barangay

Winning however is another story, Jaspe said as he pointed out that these hopefuls would contend
with incumbent ABC ex officio Sangguninag Bayan Member and still eligible candidate captain from
Barangay Cansungay.

Newly elected punong barangays to man the town’s frontline offices in the basic local government
units are Henry Tutor (Pamacsalan), Marcelino Auguis Jr., (Lumbay), Margarito Soriano (Ilaud),
Rodelio Balaba (Lundag), Samuel Dusal (San Carlos).

Angelito Balaba (Catagdaan), Timoteo Andub (Inaghuban), Flavio Bernaldez (Buenasuerte), Aniceto
Amper (San Isidro), Genaro Perenio (Estaca) and Arthur Ente (Poblacion).

Getting fresh mandates however were Mauricio Bitancor (Aurora), Tirso Albit (Bayong), Alfredo
Daguplo (Bagacay), Nicomedes Lusica (San Vicente), Carlos Cagape (Cansungay).

Gabriel Lusica (Bagumbayan), Legorio Ruperez (La Suerte), Jonas Suson (Cagawasan), Celestino
Jamil (Rizal) and Lilia Butron (Del Pilar).

Pilar has remained among Bohol’s towns with the most poverty incidence, one that has caught the
attention of Capitol Officials who brought in along with the Provincial Peace and Order Council’s
Civac, the HEAT Caravan.

Also seen as a town with huge potential for agro-industry, Pilar has caused District representative
Artur Yap to scour government resources to build a rice processing complex that aims to reduce
production losses in Bohol’s most potential town for rice production.

Hosting the region’s biggest man-made body of water, the Pilar Dam has the potential to irrigate
around 5,000 hectares of prime rice fields in nearly its 21 barangays. (racPIABohol)

Delayed paraphernalia delivery noted in Bohol

Many of Bohol polling prescincts fail to open up on time as election paraphernalia arrived late and
some of these election materials were still apparently en route from the city as of 8:00 AM.

This even as Commission on Election (Comelec) in Manila reportedly completed the delivery of
election paraphernalia as early as 2:00 PM of October 24, 2010.

In Bohol, many of such materials however arrived this 4:00 AM on election day, and apparently
couldn’t make it in time for the supposed simultaneous poll opening at 7:00 AM.

Bohol Comelec Supervisor Eliseo Labaria, in radio intervies confirmed earlier monitoring reports that
polls in some areas may be delayed.

Media reported that poll officials were still gathered at the municipal hall in several towns as late as
6:00 AM to pick their poll paraphernalia.

With the arrival of poll materials at 4:00, Labaria added that these have to be sent to the sent to the
different towns as immediately as they can.

In a radio interview at around 6:00 AM, Atty Labaria said that there were instances where some
election paraphernalia inluding supplies were already delivered but the ballots were delivered in
batches and some of them were delayed.

According to Malou Cempron of the local provincial COMELEC, the materials that arrived at 4:00 PM
were the latest of the batch which would be used duirng the local polls.

She added that the Bohol Comelec office prepared vehicles to dispatch the remaining paraphernalia
to the towns at 4:00 am so the polls could open as scheduled. She however could not discount that
fact that the materials may still be enroute as several poll centers open at 7:00.

Meanwhile, Atty Labaria added that all polling precincts that fail to start on time can extend up to
5:00 PM, to make up for the lost time. (PIABOhol)

“Contrasenyas” nullifies ballots

BALLOTS deliberately marked for purposes of countersigns (contrasenyas) can be considered null and

On this, the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) in Bohol warns vote buyers and voters trooping to
the polls in Bohol’s 1109 barangays on Monday against wasting their votes on scrupulous practices
that challenge the integrity of elections.

In the country known for its fraudulent manual polls, candidates instruct their “paid” voters to strictly
follow markers so that the buyers can track specific votes read during canvassing from his materlist
of assigned countersigns.

Marked ballots, or as the Board of Election Tellers (BET) agree that it is deliberately put by the voter
for idetification purposes it make the ballot null and void.

Provincial Election supervisor Atty Eliseo Labaria, citing the General Instructions for BET and
Barangay Board of Canvassers in connection with the 2010 Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan
elections also reiterated this.

The ruling is to prevent voters from putting up the “contrasenyas” or a practice of deliberately
marking ballots in manual elections to assure the candidates that the votes read belongs to a voter
he has bribed, explains a teacher who used to be a BET member in the past manual polls.

These marks however do not include commas, dots, lines or hyphens, accidental flourishes, strokes
or strains in a ballot, rule 22 of section 211 of the Omnibus Election Code.

While it may be considered that a typical writer’s mistakes can be manifest in the ballot, clearly
marking them would invalidate the whole ballot, not just the vote in favor of the name of the
candidate, a recap from the general instructions show.

The BET however should decide and agree if the marks are such to be considered strong enough to
be considered rejected.

The cardinal rule however is to consider the ballot valid and in favor of the voter, but the Comelec
has allowed the BET independence in the ballot appreciation, Comelec Genereal Instructions said.

According to the rules, names of candidates printed and pasted on a blank space of the ballot or
affixed there on a mechanical process would also be deemed null and void.

This would then render the whole ballot null and void. (PIABohol)

23 barangays sa Bohol gibutang sa Comelec watchlist

Tagbilaran City, Bohol – Mikabat sa 23 ka mga barangay sa Bohol ang gibutang sa Election
Watchlist sa Commission on Elections (Comelec) ug sa Philippine National Police (PNP)
tungod sa mga bayolenteng panghitabo sa mga nangaging piniliay.

Matud pa ni Comelec 7 Acting Director Veronico Petalcorin, ang pagbutang sa maong mga
barangay ubos sa watchlist nagpasabot nga dunay dugang ipakatap nga mga tropa aron
pagseguro sa kahapsay ug kalinaw atol sa umaabot nga eleksyon aron manalipod sa mga
katawhan ug sa mga botos niini.

Adunay 33,484 ka mga kandidato ang gitugotan sa Comelec, Bohol nga magpapili sa
umaabot nga barangay ug Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) eleksyon karong Oktubre 25.

Ang 23 ka mga barangay sa Bohol apil sa 209 ka mga barangay sa tibuok Central Visayas
nga gibutang sa Comelec watchlist diin 22 niini ka barangays ang sa Cebu, samtang 157 sa
Negros Oriental ug 7 sa Siquijor. (PIA)

Kampanya sa Barangay, SK nagsugod na

PWEDE nang makapa­ngampanya sugod karong adlawa ang mga kandidato alang sa Barangay ug Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) eleksyon nga gikatakda karong Oktubre 25.

Sa gipagawas nga Ca­lendar of Activities sa Comelec, ang campaign period magsugod karong adlawa Oktubre 14, Huwebes, nga molanat hangtud Oktubre 23 o duha ka adlaw sa dili pa ag piniliay.

Kalabut niini, gipahinomduman sa Comelec ang mga kandidato sa pagsunod sa mga sumbanan nga gipatuman sa poll body alang sa campaign period.

Apil niini ang paggamit sa pangampanya sa mga posters nga may gidak-on lamang nga 2X3 feet nga angay ipaskil lamang sa mga deklaradong common poster area sa Comelec sama sa plaza, merkado, barangay center, ug mga susama nga lugar.

Sigon sa Comelec Re­so­lution 9043, di moubos sa 10 common poster area ang tutukuyin ng election officer sa kada barangay, diin pwedeng magpaskil sa ilang campaign materials ang mga kandidato.

Hinuon, kada kan­didato gitugotan lamang nga magbutang og tig-isa nga poster sa kada common poster area.

Ang mga streamers usab na gamiton alang sa mga public meeting o rally kinahanglang di molapas sa 3X8 feet ang gidak-on.

Mahimo kining ipaskil sa mga lugar nga adunay panag-tapok, lima ka adlaw sa dili pa ang pulong o rally, apan kinahanglang kuhaon kini sulod sa 24 oras human sa okasyon.

Hugot nga ginadili sa Comelec ang pagbutang sa mga campaign materials sa mga dalan, tulay, public structure o building, kakahoyan, poste ug kable sa kuryente, mga tunghaan, mga shrine, ug mga susamang lugar niini. (PIA-Bohol)