Stronger private-public Partnerships in ’11-BCCI

STRONGER private sector presence in partnership with the public sector can be very good for the
tourism industry in Bohol, take it from a tested businessman member of the Bohol Chamber of
Commerce and Industry.

According to Fortunato Lim of the Fortune Enterprises fame, there is still a good room for
development in tourism infrastructure facilities in Bohol to make us globally competitive.

Speaking for the BCCI, Lim said the private sector can do a lot about the things we need to get right
to make Bohol a memorable tourism destination.

Himself having been sent to Phuket for a tourism benchmarking trip, Lim said Thais have a very
competitive tourism development with the help of the private sector.

At the Kapihan sa PIA aired live over DyTR, Lim said that Boholanos can still be very hopeful of the
tourism boom which is still expected to reach greater heights this year.

In fact, he said the BCCI is actively engaged in public and private sector partnerships to press on the
philosophy of cooperation.

He said the Chamber has been actively meeting with local government units and agencies to help
craft development plans to ensure sustainability.

Lim said that the Chamber sits to local planners and an urban master planner for the creation of a
zoning ordinance in Panglao, Bohol’s most profitable growth area in the next few years.

One of the problems of the tourist island is that it has not legislated its zoning ordinance yet that land
owners have a fairly free hand in their development without considering the integral development of
the place.

A good road network in the plan would help spur economic activity, an ace that could make the
island more investor friendly.

With Tagbilaran as a tourist gateway, Lim said suggestions to rid the main thoroughfares of ugly
tangles of sagging power and phone lines have been put up and could possibly be a priority to
enhance the islands tourism value. (racPIABohol)

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