Results of police autopsies inconclusive

Results of the police autopsies on the bodies of those who were killed during the August 23 hostage-taking incident shows that the victims were not shot at point-blank range. However, the National Bureau of Investigation’s medico-legal division chief Floresto Arizala Jr. said these results were not yet conclusive since they were yet to be counter-checked with other physical evidence.

A PNP spokesman earlier said that the bullets removed from the bodies of the victims were all from the M-16 riffle of Rolando Mendoza. The Bus driver, Alberto Lubang also stated that Menoza shot the victims one after the other.

De Lima told reporters later in an interview that it was very important to determine whether Mendoza fired at his victims at close range.
“We will really dig into the cause of deaths and injuries of the victims. Are all of these caused by the hostage-taker or were there victims of crossfire? We will find out. We are trying to be careful in attending (to) the findings,” she stressed.

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