President Aquino open to amend Proclamation No. 50

President Benigno S. Aquino III said on Tuesday that he is open to the possibility of
amending Proclamation No. 50 granting “amnesty to active and former personnel of the
Armed Forces of the Philippines and their supporters who may have committed acts or
omissions punishable under the revised penal code, the articles of war or other special laws
committed in connection with the Oakwood Mutiny, the Marines Stand-Off and the Manila
Pen Incident and Related Incidents.”

In a press conference held at the Yazaki-Torres Manufacturing Plant in Calamba, Laguna
on Tuesday morning, the President said he was for amending said proclamation if the
discussions between the three branches of government (executive, legislative and judicial)
warrant such.

It was the senate that initiated this proposal for amnesty, so we expect this matter to be under
discussions, since we have three branches of government, the President said, adding that
whatever the senate decides will be taken into consideration.

“We are open to amendments that are being proposed,” the Chief Executive continued. We
are ready to improve Proclamation 50.” (PCOO)

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