Potable water tops CPG admin agenda

POTABLE water and cold storage facility tops the priorities of Carlos P. Garcia town mayor Tesalonica
Boyboy and she deems it important to get these service utilities soonest.

At the press tour for national and local media organized by Japan International Cooperation Agency
(JICA) to inspect the P19M feeder port that it has partly funded in Pitogo, CPG, Mayor Boyboy said
that getting cheaper potable water services for the town would be a big social service boost in her

Since the opening of the Pitogo ship facility, water, which some islanders source out from the
mainland has gone cheaper but that is not much, residents said.

While the port facility has become a major economic feeder for the town supplemented by the ports
of Popoo and Aguining, potable water has still tide the economic lift-off off the town, Mayor Boyboy

President Carlos P Garcia town is separated from mainland Bohol through the deep Basiao Channel,
has been a key fishing town and livelihood is supplemented by farming and cottage industries.

On this, Mayor Boyboy said that putting up of a municipal waterworks system that complements the
existing three pumping units already in place in barangay San Jose can ease living conditions here.

In the town, potable water is still expensive, in Aguining for example, a 5-gallon container can cost
between P10 to P20, the mayor said.

While it may be cheap for others, in a town listed as one of Bohol’s most deprived, an ease in the
potable water problem could be a sigh of relief to the town’s poor, she stressed.

Aside from the water produced by the three pumps and being sold commercially as purified, other
main source is rain-water which islanders collect in rain water collectors and huge tanks.

Not everybody could build one however, she said.

Asked if the sea intrusion into the local aquifer is a problem, the lady mayor in her second term said
by far, they water dug from the island has been potable without any hint of saltwater intrusion.

To ease the problem, the mayor said they have asked for a P500K funding from Senator Miguel Zubiri
for the installation of a new 1.5 hp water pump. They are still awaiting for positive response form the
senator, she added.

On this, Eloisa Romero of the JICA said she would also explore possibilities on how the Japanese
Government could continue its service to the people of the island. (racPIABohol)

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