Peace stakeholders want enhanced HR monitoring

BOHOL peace advocates see an overwhelming need to enhance its human rights monitoring capacity
inbed in its peace and order council’s Local Peace Forum (LPF).

At least the multi-sector representatives gathered at the Bohol Tropics January 4, to be oriented at
the Ateneo Law School Human Rights Center’s project to establish Multi-sectoral Quick Reaction
Team (MSQRTS) here to help monitor human rights and document possible allegations of violations.

At the gathering, church representatives led by Bishop Leonardo Medrosos, ecumenical groups, local
government unit representatives, lawyers from Bohol law schools, non government workers, security
forces, government agencies, representatives of the court and the media listened to the nuances of
the MSQRT established to monitor extra judicial killings and enforced disappearances.

MSQRT program coordinator Atty Ma. Krishna Gomez said that aide from the monitoring and
documentation, the project also includes training packages for human rights mainstreaming, and
psychosocial counseling to beneficiary provinces.

She shared that since the project started in 2008, the MSQRT has shared Information and shown
greater transparency and accountability amongst member institutions as well as enhanced trust
amongst members.

The establishment of the body in some provinces has brought in constructive involvement of the
media and opened up tables for discussion on the surfacing of issues and joint efforts in finding
solutions to EJK and ED.

On this, Governor Edgar Chatto hailed the efforts of Ateneo vene as he pointed out that the victim
centered mechanism brought about by the MSQRT concept is an apt move.

He however stressed that while the confluence of interests is shown in the faces of the attendees
and that the multisectoral effort is the right approach, he insists that a dialog would be done in
proceeding with the project that deems to be reactive and proactive at the same time.

Asked if the MSQRT would not be a duplication of the already set LMB, Atty Gomez said most of the
decisions would come from local stakeholders.

“It may be something new, taking the form of the old and perhaps a hybrid of the old and the new”,
Atty. Gomez said.

On the other hand, DILG Rustica Mascarinas said “I think that what we have LPF but the scope does
not include ELK and ED, so this could be an added feature of the LPF. (racPIABohol)

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