PDEA appeals for help to build drug info base

ADMITTING a debacle where they only have few agents whose identity they have to protect, the
Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has appealed to the public for help.

Now faced with the singular task of curbing an alarming increase of drug concerns popping up in
Bohol and likely trend of drug related crimes, the local PDEA is forced to make their best efforts, and
appreciates the public’s help in building up the information linking known drug personalities to set up
an information database.

Any information that can help us build a stronger case against these personalities would be a great
help, said a PDEA agent at the Kapihan sa PIA last week.

If any among you notices within your neighborhood an endless stream of activities especially when
these involve strangers coming in and out of the neighborhood, that’s a big chance that a drug deal
within a community is happening, said the agent who asked not to be named.

He said that along with the police authorities, the PDEA keeps a hotline number open for any
information leading to the capture or conviction of the persons involved in the illegal and harmful

Any information can be coursed through 501 8730, he said as he assured calls and information
received would be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Meanwhile, Bohol Police at Camp Dagohoy are also putting up a Provincial Tactical Operations Center
(PTOC) hotline manned by a desk staff 24 hours a day, said PSSUpt. Constantino Barot.

Police hotlines are 0917-305-1833 and 0912-808-9279, he added.

The drug agent also called on parents, guardians and landlords to keep a tight watch with their
wards in as much as shabu, the most common abused substance in Bohol can now be sold at P500

This is well within the affordability of students who may decide to pool their money for a drug
session, according to him.

Parents who start to suspect drug use may find their wards finding difficulty sleeping, reduced or loss
of appetite and may manifest involuntary twitching of facial muscles.

He said, “indications of pot session is the presence of tin or aluminum foils, disposable lighters, tissue
papers, improvised burners and denatured alcohol.”

Finding any of these implements, parents can call the hotlines, PDEA said. (PIABohol)

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