PDEA’s drug affectation Report for towns asked

MOVING to get a clearer grasp of the drug situation in Bohol, the Provincial Peace and Order Council, wants
the narcotics agency in Bohol to report detailed town affectation analysis.

During the recent meeting of the Provincial Peace and Order Council at the People’s Mansion, Interior and
Local government provincial director Rustica Mascarinas proposed that instead of just baring accomplishments,
the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency also include drug affectation by towns.

Earlier, the council asked the PDEA reports to be a part of the regular PPOC briefings in efforts of the council
to effectively address not just police crime situation, internal security operations and other peace related
concerns but of the drug campaign situation as well.

Last Tuesday, the PDEA reported that while they have identified Ozamis City as the source of drugs distributed
in Bohol, port interdictions, which could strain the supply could not be done due to the agency’s manpower

Even then the PDEA, said agent Steven Valles is pushing the limits in anti-narcotic operations against identified
targets while bringing their information education campaign to the schools all over Bohol, including on the spot
poster making, slogan crafting essay writing contests among students.

He also added that in the pipeline is a drug detection and information gathering training for barangay tanods
as well as the planned joint operations for port interdictions.

During a separate forum, an agent of the PDEA told that regardless of the amounts and quality of the drugs
pushed and obtained during buy bust operations, the offense would be unbailable.

The situation is unlike a search warrant arrest, he said that only if the search team finds .5 grams can the
subject be denied of bail, according to the dangerous drugs law.

Concerned over the recent observation that shabu has become easily obtainable at P500 per .005 grams pack,
PDEA agents shared telltale signs that students are into the prohibited substance.

Anyone suspected of shabu use would remain awake for long periods of time, have a noticeable loss of
appetite and have facial muscle twitches or spasms, the PDEA agent said.

Parents who think they have a family member who is into shabu may find tinfoils, disposable lighters, burners
or tissue in the room, they should start worrying because these are signs that their wards are already on
substance use, he stressed.

A .005 grams of shabu can already be shared by a group of five in a pot session, he said.

That would be something like P100 per participant, making the substance easily affordable if they chip in to
but one sachet pack. (racPIABohol)

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