Panglao airport committee wants runway bidding soonest

The Panglao International Airport Development Project (PIADP) has been pushed for the runway bidding, by the Inter-Agency Committee. This is a move that would finally make visible the development of the dream airport.

In its development timetable provided by the PIADP secretariat, the preparation of the project’s detailed engineering works would be on from February to July. This was bared by Governor Erico Aumentado in his Governor’s Report.

The runway and its allied facilities would cover some 2.5 kilometers and would be designed in such a way that it can be upgradeable to accommodate the biggest plane of the Airbus fleet. Aumentado says that the runway would soon be extended to 3.8 kilometers but the initial bidding would yet cover the construction of 2.5 kilometer strip.

Aumentado insisted that the airport should be operational by December 2010, even if it would still be operating on temporary terminal hub, a tent city as he proposed. (PIA)

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