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Palace to pursue corruption probe against previous administration

The Aquino Administration will pursue steps to make officials of the previous administration
accountable for allegations of corruption and wrongdoing, Executive Secretary Paquito N.
Ochoa Jr. said on Tuesday.

Ochoa made the statement after the Supreme Court declared unconstitutional Executive
Order No. 1, which seeks to establish the Truth Commission whose task is to investigate
reports of graft and corruption committed by officials of the previous administration and their
cohorts from the private sector.

The Supreme Court’s decision on the constitutionality of Executive Order No. 1 will not
deter us from pursuing measures necessary to look into the allegations of corruption by the
previous administration,” Ochoa said.

“While this decision may hamper and perhaps delay our efforts to obtain justice for the
people, we remain steadfast in our commitment to scrutinize the numerous allegations and
accusation in our quest for truth,” he added.

According to the Executive Secretary, Malacañang will file a motion for reconsideration and
explore other options within the bounds of the law to investigate, try and punish those who
may have used and abused their positions to enrich themselves while in office.

President Benigno Aquino III created the Truth Commission in response to urgent call from
the people to determine the truth behind reports of large-scale graft and corruption allegedly
perpetrated by his predecessor and her officials. (PCOO)