Palace asks for review of travel advisories

Manila, Philippines — Malacanang has appealed to the United States and the other four nations to lift their terror alerts for their citizens in the Philippines. The message from Malacanang included a plea that the warnings don’t reflect the true situation and that they can seriuosly damage the country’s image.

In an ambush interview last night, President Aquino said the government would express its displeasure at the issuance of the advisories.

Aside from the US, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand issued travel advisories this week warning an attack may occur at any time in Metro Manila and that areas frequented by foreigners were potential targets.

Coloma said it was the seizure in Dubai and England last week of two explosive packages from Yemen that triggered the release of the travel advisories. The packages were addressed to Chicago-area synagogues and packed aboard cargo jets.

“Because this is a global threat, travel advisories of different embassies are worldwide as well as the coordination of intelligence organizations. That is why our defense security establishments are going by these heightened stage of alertness,” Coloma said.

In another ambush interview with DFA Spokesman Eduardo Malaya, said that they have asked the foreign countries to disclose information on security threats to Philippine authorities in a “timely manner.” “And also that they update and review their travel advisories often enough so that it would be reflective of the actual conditions in the country,” Malaya said.

Malaya also added that their have been no detection of any imminent terror threat by the local security officials.

Although there seem to be no actual or visible threats in our country, the officials have mobilized and involved key government security bodies to man the airports, seaports and other prone areas.

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