P14M drugs in 9 months Are we losing the drug war?

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, October 6 (PIA)—When some authorities did not lack in advice against those who continue with the illegal and destructive drug trade, Bohol police authorities still were able to account over P14 million in illegal drugs, taken off from the streets from January to September 2018.
Over this, questions as to how effective is the campaign on drugs start to resound.
Recent obtained data showed that the deaths of personalities who fought it out with the police, the noise behind the alleged extra judicial killings and the non-committance of several officials on the campaign seem to tilt the balance to failure.
With this, many have betted that the police could lose the steam anytime when the participation they expect from communities would come out less than desired.
“True, the campaign once struck fear, there was abrupt decline in illegal drugs trade, but the over-all effect after self-confessed human rights advocates side with drug personalities than innocent victims is now sowing discontent,” a member of the Bohol Provincial Peace and Order Council said.
“The courts have also been accused as doing less than expected in processing cases,”kin of drug victims have said.
“Over this, criminals see the opportunity,” confesses a police officer who politely refused to be named for lack of authorization.
Camp Dagohoy reports recently showed that in the nine months of police operations, it was in the month of July that they lifted off the streets nearly half a kilo of illegal drugs or methampithamine hydrochloride, its biggest haul of drugs as yet at 485.34 grams.
The haul was worth P5,724, 888.00, based on the Dangerous Dugs Board value which was then pegged at nearly P12,000.00 per gram.
It may be recalled that late last year, just as police intensified its Oplan Double Barrel Reloaded, there was a noted decrease in drug trade as shown by police operations.
“Emboldened by the magnitude of people who are still dependent upon the illegal industry, drug personalities went back to the old trade despite the risks,” another police intelligence operative admitted.
“The problem is again complicated by many local leaders who have shown an apparent wait and see attitude,” a lady officer also put it in.
“Many have also seen who those who surrendered and were placed under rehabilitation backslid without any consequences, and the move to go back to the old trade was just too tempting,” admitted another police source.
“Little did they know that we have placed these persons of interest under surveillance,” he added.
“The problem is compounded and further complicated by self-confessed human rights groups who would rather defend drug personalities than the innocent victimsfalling victims to the illegal drugs trade,” the intelligence officer continued.
The effect was too blatant that in January, from only 11 grams of drugs worth P 129,800 confiscated during 4 police operations and 4 persons arrested, the figure burst into P1.391, 456 in February where there were a total of 19 police operations that nabbed 27 drug personalities.
From then on, figure went up and down never went lesser that than 178,000.
For a total of 195 police operations, from January to September 26, police authorities also accosted 239 persons in violation against illegal drugs ranging from mere possession, possession of illegal paraphernalia or in the becoming more famous buy-bust operations.
And when everybody thought the nearly half a kilo of illegal drugs accounted and denied off the streets is the last of it all, in August, authorities again secured 205 grams with a street value of P2,419,000.
That month, in 65 police operations, 71 personalities at least stayed overnight in slammers or about 110 cases were filed against these suspects.
By September, in just 26 days, and in 20 police and coordinated operations with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, authorities took into custody 161.27 grams of illegal drugs at an estimated street value worth P1,902,986 and nabbed 33 persons now facing a total of 45 cases in court.
As this continued and the Joint Regional authorities have cleared hundreds of barangays, the PDEA has recommended the calling of the attention of those declared drug-cleared barangays and remind them of their duties and responsibilities in maintaining their statuses.(rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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