Just when has power-napping become one person’s problem?

It only becomes one huge problem if you napped and you are Presidente Rodrigo Duterte, who happens to attend the meeting of the heads of states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).

Journalists covering the event reported that President Duterte napped and because of this, missed some of the events laid by the organizers.

Expectedly, like what most people believed, this was an easy feed for those who openly criticize and wish ill to the president.

First to grab the limelight is Senator Antonio Trillanes IV, who said, there are just but two reasons to this: either the president is lazy or he has problem with his health.

From that, we could also see two reasons why Trillianes came to that conclusion: he refused to see anything good from President Duterte or, that has just shown the end of his thinking capacity.

Other than Trillianes, we could not tell who else would say that the president is lazy.

In fact, many people openly admit that, just by following through the news reports of the president’s daily itinerary, for a man of that age, it is a surprising feat that he could do all those, in a day.

Baguio Mayor Mauricio Domogan for one, has said this is the first time that a president arrived within 24 hours of a tragedy. This only tells us that Trillianes was probably still sleeping when President Duterte landed amidst the wailing and the sorrow of the landslide victims’ families.

Moreover, as a rebel soldier and a loudmouth which he plays to the hilt, Trillianes is in no position to give his opinion about the president’s health because he, after all, is not a doctor. And even doctors do not easily give out their diagnosis without getting the patient under a rigorous battery of laboratory tests.

This is not the first time that Trillianes, in his reflex reaction amidst television cameras and microphones, is quick to issue statements even if he is ignorant of the issues which President’s critics hurl at him. And we are certain, this would not be the last.

Two years since sitting as the country’s top official, President Duterte has made for himself a rare brand of courage and hard work: two values that were conspicuously absent from then president Benigno Aquino Jr., who also happens to be Trillianes’ boss.

Then, it never was an issue when Pnoy sleeps on his job, or be lost from the public eye for days, to hide inside cabinets and play hide and seek with the Presidential Security Group.

Now, Trillianes and his brand of snapping critics won’t allow this luxury of napping to an old hard-working man?

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