Motorcycle, waveboard top causes of injuries for 2nd quarter of 2010 – DOH

THE Department of Health National Electronic Injury Surveillance System on Monday revealed that motorcycle-related accidents still remain as the most common cause of transport related injuries. It also showed that only 11.5% of those injured motorcycle occupants were using helmets at the time of accident.

“All road users should take the necessary precaution, especially motorcycle riders”, Heath Secretary Enrique T. Ona appealed.

From April to June this year, a total of 2,015 transport/vehicular accident-related injuries were reported. Nearly half (49.8%) of the transport/vehicular accidents were collision accidents.

About 40% of the total reported transport/vehicular accidents occurred in Central Luzon followed by MIMAROPA (19.8%). Majority (73.3%) of those injured were males and the 15-44 years age group were the most common victims of transport/ vehicular accidents, accounting for 64.9% of the total cases.

Majority (99.4%) of those injured secondary to vehicular accident reached the hospital alive, while 18.8% of fatalities declared dead on arrival were motorcycle occupants.

The most commonly sustained types of injuries were open wound/laceration (39.3%), abrasion (29%), and contusion (13.9%).

Ona also disclosed that fall accidents rank number 2 among the external causes of injuries. This is because falls due to the use of waveboard reached 363 in the second quarter of 2010. Other causes of injuries include mauling (14.83%) and contact with sharp objects (13.06%).

Ona added that most (92.6%) of waveboard fall related injuries involved children below 15 years old. There were more males (83%) than females (17%), and that majority (90%) of cases occurred at the National Capital Region. (DOH/PIA)

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