The National Organizing Committee (NOC) of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations has reportedly picked Panglao in Bohol as among the few places in the country where Asian ministers and officials meet.

This is a rare opportunity for Bohol to be seen again by the investors and the prospecting financiers of the strong block of Asian power which has the reach to control the large trade and commerce the world is being fed.

Bohol’s tourism potential is definitely getting a big boost, although Bohol has already laid down the tracks upon which its tourism development must get railed.

And since the meetings in Panglao would be largely about trade and investment, Bohol would have the courtside chance of learning from the regional trade and investment policies agreed at the meetings with the 10 country’s most senior trade officials.

When several people still could not readily make the tie on how the ASEAN can bring good news to Bohol tables, tourism officials simply count the least of the number of guests coming in. Multiply it with the possible and reasonable daily spending for the three days of stay in Bohol, and lo, you have a ballpark figure in your hands.

At 200, or some 20 delegates per country, the province would get as much cash flowing in and out of the pockets of hotels, bus and van drivers, tour guides, restaurants and souvenir markets to stimulate the local economy.

The stimulus fund even goes exponentially when the Asian guests get home and start telling their moneyed to take a look and invest in Bohol. This isn’t far-fetched as the ASEAN integration also opens up the boundaries of member states to ease out business in the region.

That is why, we believe Govenor Edgar Chatto is on track when he issued the call for Bohol to fully prepare for the investment opportunity.

Roll out the red carpet, just like fiestas, we clean up our surroundings, we fix our potholed streets, string the banners, pick up and properly manage our garbage and leash our dogs, the governor called.

As the governors call resounds, many see this ASEAN welcome call as a make or break proof or how the governor can command the barangays and the puroks as he claimed his successes in Bohol’s anti drug campaigns are.

So we wait for the puroks, and the barangays to deliver the grand ASEAN welcome. Let’s see how these units which has been flooded with awards and recognitions enough to be called bribes work its way, not to make a huge mess making us come out as a huge embarrassment.





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