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League of Cities adopt Sustainability roadmap

HOW indeed do you assure sustainability of projects in a league that is churning off its members at
least every three years?

For the League of Cities of the Philippines (LCP), only a binding agreement to adopt a system to
assure that change of political leaders does not alter the league directions should work.

Now serious in further strengthening the league’s policy development and advocacy capacity, the LCS
has adopted a roadmap during its National Executive Board Meeting at the Peacock Garden resort
last week.

The roadmap now identifies the league’s priorities and program and crafts ways to get it done in
relation to the league’s mandates, explains San Fernando City Mayor and League President Oscar

At the recent National Executive Board Meeting hosted by LCP Visayas Vice President and City Mayor
Dan Neri Lim, the NEB has showed that unlike other government meetings masked as junkets, the
adoption of the roadmap shows the real intent of the league which has showed that governance is
running their cities like a business.

According to Alaminos City Mayor Hernani Braganza, the roadmap serves as a proof that the LCP is
serious in its resolve to effectively lobby for the best interest of its members to enable the cities to
become effective engines of growth and significant contributors to nation building.

Part of the LCP adopted measures is systematizing an exchange of good practices among cities, said
Dagupan City Mayor Benjamin Lim in a prepared press material.

Not going far from the Aquino Administration’s agenda of improving quality of life, promoting
good governance and fostering unity, the LCP’s roadmap intends to rationalize performance-based
initiatives of the league, which has earlier eyed denting on the poverty incidence in the country’s
bottom 30%, the material stated.

On this, LCP President and San Fernando City in Pampanga Mayor Oscar Rodriguez has offered to
host the experience sharing in the adoption of the Performance Governance System (PGS) and the
Balanced Scorecard System he implemented in his city.

Rodriguez boasted that his PGS and the BSC system has allowed his city to read at least six national
and international recognitions in governance within the year.

He enumerated such accolades as PGS Hall of Fame handed by PGS program proponent Dr. Norton,
Future Governance Award, One of the country’s Best Business Friendly Cities, Konrad Adenauer
Medal of Excellence Award and the country’s Best Public Employment and Service Office Manager.