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Journalism workshops train STS, Tulang NHS

Slowly fighting fake news, the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) brings its basic journalism training to two schools this week.

The PIA in Bohol presents its School Campus Organ Operation and Production: a two phase two-day writing workshop series that attempts to orient young writers of the tasks and responsibilities of journalists in their campus setting.

The workshops which tackle basic news writing, basic feature, copy reading and headline writing, photojournalism, editorial cartooning, school paper organization, lay-out, and a bonus junior broadcasting, has been a test training for a year before it attained this polished, according to the PIA.

Offered to help prepare student writers to the world of journalism, SCOOP intends to properly lay the right foundations for future media workers and advances more intelligent discourse so young writers can help stop the spread of mis or dis-information.

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, SCOOP writeshop went to Saint Therese School in MansasaTagbilaran where nearly 50 student writers from the elementary to Grade 12 joined the workshops.

On Friday and Saturday, SCOOP travelled to Tulang Getafe for the Tulang National High School journalism workshops.

Twenty-five student writers of “The Achievers,” gathered at the computer room of the school while a Parents-Teachers assembly happened at the next room.

These students could have taken a break as most students have been sent home with the parents and teachers interfacing, but they stayed for the writeshops, school organ adviser Rebecca Fernandez pointed out.

In both training, PIA drove the emphasis on people checking the truth behind the news, and putting in more effort to check to settle the issue.

In TNHS SCOOP I seminar writers workshop series, school paper “Achievers” adviser Fernandez stressed the importance of getting the right information from the right source.

The reaction was from the discussion on prominence, a news element that lends the worthiness of a news. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

The Achievers writers of Tulang (Getafe) National High School complete the 2-day Basic News Writing workshop, via the PIA SCOOP seminar writing workshops. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)