Having a soft spot for farmers, Gov. Art Yap took no time to listen to the updates of the cloud seeding operations in Bohol.

Based on the report; Cloud Seeding Operations were conducted last July 05 with Pilots; CAPT Badhran & CAPT Soliton using cherokee# RPC 2872.
Also with the team are 1LT MERCADO (flyer), MSg Fabro PAF , Spotter: TSg Maborrang PAF and
BSWM rep: Engr. Corazon Ditarro

On target for the operation is over the Malinao dam in San miguel.

They loaded about 15sacks/ 475kgs of salt which resulted to heavy rains in the said area.

As of July 5, 2019, there have been a total of 14 sorties conducted with 20+34 Hours flight time and consumed about 210 bags salt (5,250 kls.) used for Cloud Seeding 0perations in Bohol.

Yap was grateful for the accomplishments which he said, greatly helped our farmers. He also reiterated his support to the operations and to continue if needed. [Edcom]

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