Filipinos see hope in 2010–SWS

According to a recent Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey, most Filipinos welcome the New Year with hope rather than fear.

Eighty-nine percent of those interviewed by the SWS from Decembr 5 to December 10 expressed hope for 2010, while 11 percent said they harbored fear for the coming year.

Hope for the New Year among Filipinos reached its highest at 95 percent in December 2002 and posted its lowest at 81 percent in December 2004, according to the SWS.

Hope for the New Year remained high in all areas in the country: 90 percent in Luzon outside Manila, 88 percent in the Visayas, and 87 percent in both Metro Manila and Mindanao. (Philippine Daily Inquirer)

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