Extreme cross country MTB Sa ‘KinatkataysaBinabaje’

It may not be epic distance, but the 35 kilometer combination of single tracks, barangay roads, fire lines and highway crossings spice up the punishing climbs and the steep downhill sections that characterize Bohol’s still to beat extreme cross country mountain bike in season three of KinatkataysaBinabaje 2019.
In Bohol where several roadies are mountain bikers in disguise, a good 140 kilometer lead heaps on the men in sleek tires spinning for the Gran Fondo New York Philippine eliminations this week that cranking up for The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) Extreme cross country mountain bike might just not be an issue.
But a cross country mountain bike is a ton heavier than a road bike, and pedaling on the pavement on fully inflated tires is a breeze compared to the steep gradients of Cambaol and in sitioBinabaje, here the boys and the men separate.
Promised to be on a friendlier route after last year’s off saddle sections pushed bikers with cleats shoes on clawing the cliffs, this year’s Kinatkatay swerves from the notoriously undulating hills of Cambaol to Cabatang, cross the highway to Untaga, go up the hilly Del Monteand then descend to Putlongcam to the highway in Napo, cross to Cayacay and then pedal off back to Cambaol for the entire loop.
Now among Bohol’s hardest, thus extreme cross country mountain bike race, the 35 kilometer loop has enough share of the easy to technical climbs, easy to hardcore downhill sections and promises to be a wicked test to those unfamiliar with the trails, thus participants can start their familiarization track reads anytime.
KinatkataysaBinabajealso pairs with TAPP Trail Run 2019 series which uses the gorgeous hills with panoramic views as its arena.
Now considered one of the leading eco-tourism activities after the town developed the product and organized eco-sports activities which would highlight the town’s potential
Leading Cebuano MTB trail racers have conquered the trail in its first extreme cross country trail, but last year, Boholanos showed unusual determination to grab the title and strip the visitors of the trophy.
A local in fact pumped rather desperately to the finish line in the beginners’ category to become a local trail hero.
This year, the race opens to five categories: Elite, Masters (45 and above), Senior (31-44), Juniors (30 years old and below), and the beginners.
KinatkataysaBinabajeregistration is at P400 and closes on February 9.
Registration includes race shirt, post race lunch and finishers’ medals.
While the registration can be processed personally at the Alicia Tourism Office, organizers have opened online registration system, to help race participants who are too far out to register.
Registration fees can be deposited to any of the following accounts: BPI Checking Account, Account Name: Venus Dy, Account Number: 1685-0020-23 (BPI Alfaro, Makati), or BDO Checking Account, under account Name: Venus Dy, Account Number: 00168-802-4303 (BDO PhilAm-Valero, Makati) or through PeraPadala (Palawan Express / MLhuiller), send to Eva Dy, 09171688571 or 09198102647.
Race participants only need to fill-out the following: First Name, Last Name, Race Category, Age, Gender, Email address, Shirt size, Phone Number and Address and email these together with an attached scanned copy / photo / screenshot of the deposit slip / receipt totapptrailrun2019@gmail.com, putting kinatkataysaBinabaje, as race Category) as subject.
A confirmation would be sent as soon as the payment has been verified, organizers said.
As the race starts in the morning on February 25, athletes who are up to test their core strengths, endurance and muscles may have to camp in at The Farm on the night before the gun start. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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