Everyone is welcome at Startup Weekend Bohol Tourism Edition

We often get questions about who exactly can join Startup Weekend Bohol but the answer is always the same: everyone! May you be a designer who likes to create logos and graphic designs, or a developer who likes coding for web applications or mobile apps, or a business owner hoping to test out his/her newest business venture in a controlled environment, everyone has a place in Startup Weekend.

Many of the previous participants also had marketing, real estate, academe, and government backgrounds; we even got some engineers and high school students! As long as you are somebody who’d like to learn how a company is created and how a product is developed over a weekend, you’re the right person for Startup Weekend.

Since this year’s theme is “tourism”, we are also especially inviting people who are in the tourism sector: Tour guides, travel agents, ticket vendors, even tour bus drivers! The objective of the event is to come together and create something that’ll improve or assist both the local and international tourism industry, may it be a business or a new community, and we certainly can’t do it alone if we don’t have insight from the actual people on the field.

Feel like you have nothing to contribute? Most of the time, it’s all in your head! We’ve had participants come in feeling shy about what they can give to their teams but in reality, they end up being the most valuable resource the team can have. It is your experience, your perspective and insights, that make you an essential part of the team. So step up and stand up and get ready to give it your all for a weekend that’ll change your life! Come to Startup Weekend Bohol Tourism Edition!

The event is in partnership with the Department of Tourism, Provincial Government of Bohol, and the Bohol Investment Promotion Center. It is sponsored by Uniform Solutions, PrintBit, Gwion, and Sea Drake Island Cruises (we are still open for sponsorships!) . The participants at the event will also be mentored by Michael de Vincent Edwards, Aimee Lim, Tina Amper, Ben Skelton, and Peter Watkins. With them are judges Mark Phillips, Vicky Wallace, and many more startup ecosystem supporters.

Startup Weekend Bohol Tourism Edition will be in September 29-October 1, 2017 at the Bohol Bee Farm Panglao. If you’d like to register and stay updated, text Zion at 09084213938 or e-mail us at bohol@startupweekend.org and find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/StartupWeekendBohol/

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