‘EU group’ experiences Bohol, people, on bikes

A lean delegation of dignitaries from the European Union led by European Ambassador to the Philippines Franz Jessen, joins local bikers for three days of environment rides in Bohol, while promoting friendships, international relations and culture.
A mangrove planting, to be led by the ambassador, along with Asian Development Bank official, Marc Rooijackers and the officer of the Foreign Affairs of France Jerome Riviere, accompanied by elite and amateur bikers from Bohol caps the three-day meet, greet and experience visit in the island, to happen on Sunday, in an unspecified location in Panglao island.
Avid bikers as characteristic of Europeans who love the outdoors, the delegation has been going around Bohol, in routes closer to Tagbilaran and Panglao, to assess the people and the communities.
Also providing assistance to the delegation’s bike tours is David Aliño of Paseo De Loon and Boholano bikers who hosted the team in their two-wheeled bike trips.
Already hooked to Bohol after he proposed to his wife in the beaches of Anda, Rooijackers said he had planned to bike and enjoy the great roads, sceneries and the warm people of the island that has the perfect chance to become a wholesome tourism destination.
Rooijackers came here years back with his fiancé, rented a motor bike and without any more pageantry, drove through the coastal roads of Bohol until they got to Anda.
Since then, he has promised himself to come back to Bohol.
In an informal meet and greet with Bohol media at the LiteportBuzzz Café July 26, Rivierre, who is into education and culture for better international relations, said he might be leaving the Philippines for good after several years of tour of duty, but he is coming back with his family and friends anytime soon.
The EU delegation also visited schools and universities on symposia that would allow students to better understand the European Union, its culture and its foreign relations.
At the informal gathering with media, members of the delegation also exchanged information, ideas and opinions about the country’s current events, as perceived by the members of the fourth estate.
According to Rooijackers, while the ADB is keen on helping put up packets of funding for development initiatives in poor communities, he hinted that the arrangement would have to be through governments.
He said the ADB has funding portfolio for medium scale community development projects, but that has to be accessed on the level of the heads of states. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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