Education crisis?- Not if country listened to CPG

DECADES of neglect has caused a chronic illness to the country’s education system, one that may
have never happened if the country listened to former President Carlos P. Garcia half a century ago.

In fact, according to Education Secretary Bro. Armin Luistro, the Boholano president has seen
the “education crisis” and called for changes to heal the problem.

As early as 1959, Garcia has called for a review of the government’s financing program for the
elementary and secondary schools to make it sustainable.

The year before that, the Boholano teacher, orator, poet, lawyer and public servant, apparently felt
the problem and suggested reforms.

He accordingly called for a full day instruction for primary education and lobbied for reduced size of
classes from 60 to 40.

That same year, the poor man from Sitio Luy-a, Barangay san Roque has called for the use of
vernacular instruction on the first two years in the elementary, Luistro, who was the keynote speaker
during the 114th Carlos P. Garcia Day in Bohol enumerated the reforms proposed by the most
illustrious Boholano son.

Apart from a living a distinctive life as politician, and statesmanship who helped prop up the precursor
Association of South East Asian Nations in the South East Asian Treaty Organization, Luistro said
he believes that the Garcia’s first two years as a public school teacher at the Bohol Provincial High
School has shaped his personality.

Luistro sees the two years of his (CPG) life as the most critical as his being a teacher in the public
school had in him the greatest impact on how he was to cover his government after he would
assume the country’s top seat after the death of President Ramon Magsaysay.

CPG made a lasting impression on how to care for our brother Filipinos, Luistro intoned, not after
reminding Boholanos of the Filipino First Policy and the Austerity program he played to the hilt.

“Every President leaves a lasting legacy, he left his by enunciating the Filipino First Policy.”

And when we see the government urging for the public-private sector partnership being frontloaded
by the 2oth century Aquino Administration, as early as 1961, the private-public sector partnership has
already been used by Garcia to help the public schools, Luistro said. (racPIABohol)

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