DOH warns vs respiratory ailments due to cold weather

Department of Health officials advised the public to take precautions against respiratory
ailments stemming from the prevailing cold weather.

Dr. Lyndon Lee Suy, the Health Department’s program manager for emerging and re-
emerging infectious diseases, said sudden weather changes may particularly be a concern
for those with asthma.

“Sudden increase or decrease in temperature will have an effect on the lungs… Our bodies
have to adjust to the climate,” Lee Suy said in a radio interview on Wednesday.

National Epidemiology Center head Dr. Eric Tayag also said in a separate interview that
children, the elderly and pregnant women are particularly vulnerable. He said the cold
weather is likely to be a factor behind acute respiratory tract infections, colds, coughs, and
even flu.

Tayag urged the public to take vitamins, especially Vitamin C, wear extra layers of clothes
and eat nutritious food like fruits. (PIA/DOH)

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