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DFA: Alert level 1 up in UK amid riots

THE Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Wednesday alert level 1 has been raised in London as violence persists in the area.

DFA spokesperson Raul Hernandez urged overseas Filipino workers to be extra careful and vigilant of violence.

He said the Philippine government has not yet imposed of travel and deployment bans to London.

On Tuesday, the Philippine Embassy in London issued an advisory to the Filipino community in the United Kingdom to be vigilant and to exercise due caution in light of the riots that occurred around London and in other UK cities over the past days.

“The Embassy urges all Filipinos to stay away from high street areas, to avoid large gatherings and to avoid joining or going to places of riots or get involved in any public disturbance,” Charge d’Affaires, a.i. Reynaldo A. Catapang said.

The Embassy has also called on the Filipino community leaders and members to contact the local police immediately and/or the Embassy if there are any untoward incidents in their respective areas or to report any information on Filipinos who may have been injured or seriously affected by
the riots.

The Embassy remains in close contact with UK authorities and Filipino community leaders and is closely monitoring events and developments. It has also activated a round-the-clock monitoring team to continuously ascertain the situation. (End)