Crimes in Bohol cut in half -PNP

Considering the increase in population, complexity of criminal activity and the previous month’s inflation that made life harder for the country, November of this year in Bohol proved to be a much better year compared to the same month last year.

According to Camp Francisco Dagohoy Police Chief Police Senior Superintendent Angeles Geñorga, they noted a 49.15% decrease in crimes in November this year, compared to last year.

Citing the police Crime Information Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS) or the enhanced police e-blotter, PSSuptGeñorga pointed out that the total crime volume (TCV) in November 2017 reached 651 incidents; comprised of 210 index and 441 non index crimes.

By November of this year however, TCV based on the CIRAS data only reached 331; or 107 index and 224 non-index crimes, constituting the nearly half of the volume from last year’s data.

CIRAS is the enhanced e-Blotter and Geographical Information System (GIS)
which contains the initial report and updates of all reported incidents of crimes and is used by the desk officer, crime registrar and analyst in crime reporting and

To prove his point, the Camp Dagohoy chief went on to show to the members of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) in a joint meeting with the Provincial Anti Drug Abuse Council (PADAC) that the Philippine National Police (PNP) has adopted a system of tracking criminality using data from the local performances on the eight focus crimes.

These crimes include theft, physical injuries, robbery, rape, murder, homicide, motor napping and car-napping, PSSuptGeñorga said.

Over-all data in theft in Bohol dipped 44.44% this November as it reached 90 incidents in 2017 only to be tamed to 50 this month.

For physical injuries, from 56 cases in 2017, police authorities have3 successfully trimmed the number to 22, which constitutes a 60.71% decrease.

For robbery cases, crime incidents still dove from 29 cases in 2017 to 22 this month, according to Camp Dagohoy chief. This, he pointed out is 24.14% dip.

In cases of rape, from 11 cases last year, only 8 cases have been reported in November, which posted a 27.3% crime incidence decrease, according to PSSuptGeñorga.

Murder cases in Bohol in November of last year reached 11 cases, a data that CIRAS now said only reached 3 cases, making Bohol police score a 72.7% victory record.

As to homicide, Bohol again established a very high crime reduction rate when the month recorded a zero homicide incidence as against three cases in November last year.

Bohol also saw an 80% reduction in motor-napping incidents in the comparative between the two months last year and this year, when from eight incidents, now it is just two cases.

As to car-napping incidents, Bohol crime statisticians maintained a clean slate with no incidents recorded in the last two years, Supt Geñorga said.

Police authorities have ascribed the decrease in crimes to improved police presence on the streets, the implementation of pro-active police community relations activities coupled with more effective law enforcement.

Besides, majority like 8 of 10 police crime-busters interviewed readily admit that the sharp decrease in drugs and the continuing crackdown contributed to the police anti-crime accomplishment. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

IMPROVED POLICE PRESENCE. PSSupt Angeles Geñorga reports a near half trim in crime volume in Bohol in November as against the same month of last year, a fact most credit to better police presence and more pro-active law enforcement as well as lessened drugs. (PIABohol)

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