City college wont vie With private colleges

The opening of the mulled Tagbilaran City College won’t compete with the private tertiary educational institutions here, assured City Mayor John Geesnell Yap.
Speaking during the recent Kapihansa PIA held inside the office of the City Mayor at the City Hall, the young son of city’s respected businessmen parents hinted that a college institution that would be government owned and an additional to the already saturated catchment would be a bad idea, if it would earn the ire of the established educational establishments.
However, when the mulled City college opens, it won’t be offering courses which are now already offered by the private institutions in the city, the mayor said.
They do not need to be afraid, the mayor assured, even as he bared that he has met the school administrators to explain to them the need for the city to implement a plan that would soon spice up the city’s inventory of skills which the private colleges and universities have not supplied as yet.
Except for tourism, we won’t be into the same course offers that the city based colleges are offering.
Beyond that, opening up a city college which would be opening free college education with the same high standard that every parent of a poor college kid could dream of for his children, would be big relief, the mayor excitedly said.
The opening of the city college would also be a relief for the city which is sending to school 500 scholars and is paying for the tuition fees and allowances of these students now enrolled in major tertiary schools here in Tagbilaran.
And while the city college is still on its final stages of implementation, the sporty city mayor said the city is doubling up the tuition fees and allowances for these city paid learners.
From P5,000, we are increasing the tuition assistance to our scholars to P1,000 beginning this year.
As to the courses the mulled city college would be into, many have suggested that propping up the city’s labor force in the blue collar job fields would be a great idea to explore.
While the city has been cited now for outstanding fiscal management, losing an additional P5,000 for the city scholars, a new city college would be another way of recovering these spending.
The plan to open up its own college, according to Mayor Yap, has excited the government’s Commission on Higher Education, who promised to lend technical and financial assistance to the city.
We earlier though we would be totally spending for the opening of the college, its infrastructure and organizational staffing when we learned that the CHED is helping, he shared during the radio interview.
Now, we are given another opportunity for opening another economic enterprise, the mayor revealed.

For the education of its constituents, the mayor believes starting the kids while young would be a good gamble at success.
The city, he reported has just finished putting up air conditioned classrooms for the city’s day care centers.
Now, next on the line and starting this year, is to bring that same service to the city’s elementary schools, as he assured the putting up of more comfortable public elementary classroom would start this year.
Also, the project of erecting multi-purpose covered courts (MPCC) in all public schools in the city continues this year until all would have a good venue for public engagements, and schools would finally have a comfortable wide space for parents’ and teachers’ meeting.
The same MPCCs would also be temporary shelters for constituents during disasters, he said. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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