Cimatu won’t like Panglao, Bohol to follow  Boracay’s grave environmental indecency

DENR Sec. Roy Cimatu would want Panglao, Bohol to keep treasuring its beaches and not follow world-famous resort island Boracay’s ways to serious environmental indecency.

The secretary grieved over what he calls “overdevelopment” on Boracay island “without thinking of the (negative) consequences.”

Numerous resorts and other tourist establishments on Panglao island have also been issued notices of violations (NOVs) of environmental and sanitation laws, regulations and policies.

But Cimatu cited the serious effort of the Boholano stakeholders in coordination with the appropriate agencies like the DENR in correcting the mistakes.

The DENR secretary attended the Panglao-Dauis and Tagbilaran Executive Council (PADTEC) Board Meeting led by Gov. Edgar Chatto at the Bohol Tropics yesterday.

Panglao Mayor Pedro Fuertes, Dauis Mayor Miriam Sumaylo and Tagbilaran City Mayor John Geesnell Yap were also present.

SURGE City Coordinator Linda Paredes gave an overview of the PADTEC, originally known as PITEC for Panglao Island and Tagbilaran Executive Council.

Cimatu asked today’s leaders to quantify this early Panglao island’s carrying capacity and visualize what can obtain in the prime island tourist destination three decades or more from now.

The new Bohol Panglao Airport, which is set for commercial operation starting this year, is intended for international tourists, Cimatu said.

Taking into account the Boracay experience, Panglao has to have a sewage masterplan that considers the island’s condition 30 years from now and beyond.

In Boracay, Cimatu said, the decades-old small sewage pipes have blown out, so that the waste water spread to the drainage and all the way to the sea without reaching any treatment facilities.

“Nagkaloko-loko na dun,” the secretary said.

The plan for waste water treatment facilities in the Alona beach area in Panglao and in Bingag, Dauis was presented to Cimatu during the PADTEC meeting.

Panglao island consists of the towns of Panglao and Dauis.

The secretary was also apprised of the waste water treatment component of the airport project.

Further, timberlands, forests and wetlands have been invaded by concrete structures in another uncontrolled Boracay development, Cimatu said, aggravating the environmental rape.

Owners would even show real property tax declarations over the areas which are otherwise inalienable and non-disposable.

“We don’t like all these to happen in Panglao, in Siargao (Davao),” The DENR secretary said.

Cimatu said he is “positive of tourism in Bohol to prosper.”

“Governor, you’re in the right direction,” Cimatu told Chatto at the PADTEC meeting. (Ven rebo Arigo)

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