China appreciates RP government response

Manila, Philippines — Despite criticism of the government’s response to the hostage crisis last week, a top diplomat from China has expressed appreciation yesterday for the moves that are being taken by the Philippine government in connection with the incident.

Chinese Ambassador Liu Jianchao also expressed appreciation for the steps that the Aquino Administration are taking. He also assured that there will be no whitewash in the investigations that are being done.

Liu also said that the cancellation of the trips to Manila of two of Chinese officials who were recipients of the Ramon Magsaysay Award had nothing to do with the incident. “It was their own decision”, he said.

The Ambassador clarified a lot of things during his speech, including an emphasis on his absence during the National Heroes Day, saying that he did not “snub” the event, he only had earlier commitments. He also assured that the Filipinos now in Chinese autonomous territory are safe. He added, “the Chinese side respects the sovereignity of the of the Philippines”. In particular, that Philippines did a very good job of providing medical treatment to the hostages, repatriating the survivors and the remains “in a dignified and appropriate way,” and assisting the victim’s relatives who flew to Manila from Hong Kong.

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