TBTK 2009 Global Homecoming’s Schedule of Activities

TBTK ’09 Bohol

Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kalibutan, Inc.

(A Gathering of Boholanos from Around the World)

Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

July 14-26, 2009

July 14 , Tuesday– Malacanang Palace Visit – Audience with the President

July 16, Thursday

8:00 am – 4:00 pm: Registration: Metro Center

6:00 pm – Mrs. Bohol International

* Final Presentation of Candidates – Metro Center
* Canvassing /Selection: Metro Center

July 17, Friday

8:00 am – 6:00 pm: Arrival and Registration of Delegates: Metro Center

12 noon – International Cockfighting Derby: Baclayon Cockpit, Coordinator- Bobong Olario

6:00 pm – Mrs. Bohol International Coronation and Ball

* Councilor Mariquit D. Oppus – Chairperson
* Mrs. Liklik Schroeder & Eve Calceta – USA and Canada Coordinators
* Mrs. Rosemarie Marapao-Bruening- Coordinator- European Countries

July 18, Saturday

7:30 am Concelebrated Holy Mass: Most Rev. Leonardo Y. Medroso, Bishop of Tagbilaran,

St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Tagbilaran City

9:00 am – Flower Offering to Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Monument,

Tour of Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Museum, Tagbilaran City

Spiritual Enrichment- Diocese of Tagbilaran–c/o Ms. Betty Balatero

o Confirmations/Validation of weddings, religious seminar- Dauis, Bohol

12 noon –International Cockfighting Derby: Baclayon Cockpit

3:00pm – 25th Anniversary of Priesthood –Rev. Fr. Fernando Po @ the St Joseph’s Cathedral, Tagbilaran City ,followed by blessing and reception of new resort at Laya, Baclayon, Bohol

July 19, Sunday-

SandugoFestival “Street Dancing, Parade, and Field Performance- Mr. Mariano Uy – Executive Director/ Deputy Mayor, City of Tagbilaran

6:00pm – TBTK staff, coordinators and committee meeting and dinner – TBTK Chairperson- Betty Veloso Garcia

July 20, Monday

8:00 am Youth Activities, John Torralba – coordinator, Medical Mission – c/o Dr. Anita C. Jackson

4:00 pm – Presentation & Press Conference of Miss Bohol International: Bohol Tropics Resort

7:00 pm – Homecoming: Holy Name University (DWC) / University of Bohol (RPC) Reunion

July 21, Tuesday

8:00 am – Youth Activities, Medical Mission – c/o Dr. Anita C. Jackson

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm – Miss Bohol International Talent Competition: Bohol Tropics Resort

7:00 pm – Reunions

* Bohol Provincial Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association
* Bohol Institute Technology, Bohol High School(DCPNHS), Bohol Trade (CVSCAFT)

July 22, Wednesday


8:00 am – Youth Activities

12:00 pm – TBTK Meeting, Metro Center

2:00 pm – TBTK Election, Metro Center

6:00 pm – TBTK GALA – “DREAMS” Dinner show to be presented by the Boholano Community –Europe , Pres. Rosemarie Marapao-Bruening ; conceptualized and directed by Rolf Bruening @ the Verdan Pavillion ,Panglao Island Resort- Panglao , Bohol

July 23, Thursday

8:00 am – Youth Activities

Reunions –Holy Spirit School, Bohol Wisdom School, St. Therese

4:00 pm – Miss Bohol International Motorcade

6:00 pm – Cultural Show- Bohol’s Talent and Pride

July 24, Friday

8:00 am- Youth Activities

Group tour

7:00 pm – Miss Bohol International Competition: HNU Gym

* Ma. Pureza V. Chatto, Chairperson in Cooperation with Chocolate Hills Lady Jaycees

July 25, Saturday

9:00 am – “Tree Planting” with DENR Secretary Jose L. Atienza, Jr.

Coordinated by Norris Oculam- President –Bohol Chamber of Commerce

7:00 pm – The Outstanding Boholano Awards, (TOBAW) Sponsored by the First Consolidated Bank- Mr. Nene Baseleres, Chairman/ Coordinators- Mr. Ted Apalisok and Mr. Narding Mag-aso

July 26, Sunday

Free Time: Family Picnic

7:00 pm – Recognition Night, Sponsored by The Provincial Government thru

Hon. Governor Erico B. Aumentado: Bohol Tropics Resort/ Induction of officers

(Douglas B. Hontanosas)

TBTK 2009 Preparations in High Gear as Global Homecoming just a month away

Some overseas Boholanos, like Mrs. Liklik Gallares – Shroeder and Eve Calceta, long time residents in Northern California’s Bay Area, the Sumodobila family now based in Houston,Texas and Mrs. Rosemary Marapao-Bruening, a Nurse in Germany with husband, Rulf. are now in Bohol at this early. Representing the early birds or first batch of Boholano balikbayans who are returning home for the big event, scheduled this July 14-26,2009 – the 4th TBTK Global Homecoming. The Bruenings, spearheading a big delegation of the Boholanos In Europe, will present a gala -dinner titled: Dream, at the Verdan Pavillion of Panglao Island Nature Resort on July 22, a Wednesday.

For spouses Ric Borja and Anita Taghap as well as their four children: Mike,Rian,Milvian, and Myla, tagging along four grandkids, the Borja family will be homeward bound this Sunday. Taking that Korean Airline flight from the JFK International Airport in New York, all the way to the domestic airport in Tagbilaran.. Looking forward to their 2nd TBTK participation and meeting with the local folks. Mrs. Borja, who is the incumbent President of the Bohol Circle Eastern USA, said that about 25 members of their group will be arriving in Bohol to be part of the medical mission they will conduct in Dampas,Tagbilaran and in Bilar town, respectively, for two days. Bohol Circle Eastern,USA will also donate a check amounting $1,300.00, for the construction of one housing- unit, to the Gawad-Kalinga Housing project in Totolan,Dauis Bohol

In the US alone, per telephone survey, planeloads of Boholanos will be going home this July for the 12 day TBTK gathering. According to Alger Ibarra residing in the Bay Area, about fifty delegates and their families from the Boholanos in Northern California answered the call to be part of the TBTK revelry.

In a related development, Bobong Olario said that about 75 -100 members of the Tagbilaran Association of Southern California, headed by Dr. Anita Cal-Jackson as President, have already applied for paid-time off(PT0) from their workplaces, to be able to fly home next month. Mr. Olario, who is coordinating the TBTK International Derby promotion to be held on July 18, a Saturday, at the Baclayon Cockpit Arena, made mention that so far, about 80 cockfight aficionados at home, in the Philippines and abroad, have already signed up for the International Derby.

As liaison to his brother, Ret. Gen. Abet Olario, who is the newly elected President of the Holy Name University Alumni Association, Mr. Olario said that a TBTK Balikbayan Basketball Team is formed to play an exhibition game against the HNU/DWC Alumni Team, bannered by former varsity players of the school. As preliminary game of the main event, pitting movie stars headed by Boholano actor, Cesar Montano versus the Bohol Chronicle/DYRD team, the top commercial team in Tagbilaran.

The Circulo Boholano in Illinois, under President Lilia Cumba, will also be fielding forty delegates to the TBTK gathering in Bohol. While about fifteen members from the Sandugo Eastern,USA, headed by President Bobong Dejaresco, will too pack up their bags and once again savor the sweetness of home sweet home. Latest e-mail report from Sylvia Fortich, PRO of the Tagbilaran Asso. of Southern California, Inc., there are 15-20 of them who will be attending the TBTK and be home in Bohol next month.

Adding heightened excitement to the Global homecoming of Boholanos, according to

TBTK Chairperson Mrs. Betty Veloso-Garcia, are the scheduled Class Reunions and Homecomings of schools, colleges, and universities, whose sons and daughters represent the Filipino diaspora, Overseas Contract Workers, Overseas Filipino Workers, as well as the Kaliwat ni Dagohoy and Sikatuna in foreign lands. Mrs. Garcia, a Nurse working in a New York hospital, for one, is an alumna of our local schools as Holy Spirit School in Elementary, Divine Word College in High School, Bohol Provincial Hospital School of Nursing, where Betty obtained her Registered Nurse Associate Degree, and the University of Bohol, where she holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, respectively. All these schools are opening their gates wide open to a grand-homecoming, to jibe with the TBTK July calendar. What more, family gatherings, clan reunions and town fiestas become one moment in time affair. When long-lost friends and relatives renew ties and acquaintances. Reliving the good old days, the happy memories that once were shared back home in familiar places and tranquil surroundings.

Even the President of the Philippines, Her Excellency, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, will meet the arriving Boholano balibayans in her official residence at the Malacanang Palace, on day one, July 14, a Tuesday, at the nation’s capital of Manila. The theme of the 4th TBTK Global Homecoming which is about Environment Awareness, Conservation and Protection, is given support by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR) under Secretary Lito Atienza. Sec. Atienza, will lead all Boholanos in a Tree Planting drive province-wide, scheduled on July 25, a Saturday. So also the Department of Tourism, under Sec. Ace Durano, is endorsing the TBTK as a model in our tourism campaign for other provincial communities to follow.

TBTK 2009 given support by Bohol Sandugo

The latest letter received by the TBTK Chairperson Betty Veloso-Garcia from the acting Chairman of the Bohol Sandugo Foundation,Inc. and Deputy Mayor of the City of Tagbilaran, Mariano L. Uy is enough reason to smile and bring ecstasy to the heart of its intended recipient. Like music to our ears. A cause of celebration to Boholano balikbayans who will be arriving in planeloads from all corners of the world. For it brings the message that we so long to hear – the full support of the Bohol Sandugo and the City Government of Tagbilaran to the 2009 TBTK Global Homecoming this month of July.

Hereunder is the full text of Mr. Uy’s letter dated May 28,2009 to the TBTK Chair, which speaks for itself.

May 28, 2009


President and Chairman

TBTK Foundation

Dear Ms. Garcia:


The Bohol Sandugo Foundation, Inc. is again on its threshold of preparation as it reaches the 21st year of spurring the province into being the prime eco-cultural tourism destination in the country thru the Sandugo Festival. Considering that this year’s celebration coincides with the global homecoming of Boholanos dubbed Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan which you are spearheading, this year’s edition promises to be notches higher.

As such, our preparation is also inclined towards according our returning Boholanos with the kind of hospitality we are known of. Thus, we are committing the following;

* Hang welcome streamers at city entry points, activity centers, and hotels/inns with the help of the Bohol Association of Hotels, Resorts, and Restaurants (BAHRR)
* Provide special seats for TBTK participants during the monthlong nightly entertainment and limited seats at the stage (max of 20) during the Streetdancing Competition. (the rest of the TBTK participants may occupy Grandstand bleachers)
* Give due acknowledgment to TBTK in our promotional sorties and during the conduct of any Sandugo activities.
* Involve TBTK participants in the Blood Compact Re-enactment and Streetdancing parade
* Donate three (3) Sandugo custom-made trophies for Miss and Mrs TBTK International and Tennis Tournament

Furthermore, we invite you to field-in a Member to the Board of Judges for Miss Bohol Sandugo at Bohol Cultural Center on July 18 at 8:00 pm and the Streetdancing Competition at CPG Sports Complex on July 26 at 1:00 pm, preferably with relative experience on judging such competition. This invitation is initially served to your kind person, but should you be unavailable, you may send someone to represent your organization.

Be with us in promoting Filipino heritage and in reliving humanity’s eternal pact for unity and peace through the Sandugo Festival

Yours truly,


Deputy Mayor, City of Tagbilaran

Acting Chairman, BSFI

In her e-mail postings circulated to the TBTK shareholders, Mrs. Garcia said and quote:… after all the struggles and deliberation, we have come to a diplomatic state,
Praise the Lord. My heartfelt thanks to all for your patience, time, and effort to make this event a great success. We only have a month and a half left, let’s do what we are supposed to do.

So, to All Boholanos wherever you are situated in the Philippines and abroad, Manguli Ta Sa Bohol sa July 14-26,2009 for the Tigum Bol-anon Tibuok Kalibutan. See You There.

Swine flu dili makapatalaw sa nagsingabot nga TBTK

DILI igo ang rason sa kahadlok sa swine flu aron i-oktaba ang nagsingabot nga Tigum sa mga Bol-aanon sa Tibuok Kalibutan (TBTK).

Kini maoy pamahayag ni Liklik Gallares Schroeder sa pakighinabi sa kahanginan sa milabay nga adlaw.

Kini usab bisan pa nga gibutyag ni Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III nga may 33 pa ka kaso sa A (H1N1) nga nadeklara na nga luwas, nga nagdugang nagdto na sa 71 ka pasyente nga naayo na.

Sa laing bahin, 46 pa ang may kompirmadong mild nga A (H1N1) case, nga nagpalobo sa natakdan ngadto na sa 193 sukad niadtong Mayo 1.

Sa umaabot nga sugyot nga Ipa-oktaba ang TBTK, si Gallares-Schroeder mibutyag nga dili na kaayo kahadlokan ang swine flu kay wala na kini mataho nga gikahadlokan sa Amerika.

Hinuon, dugang niya, ipadayon pa gihapon usab ang mga pamaagi aron kalikayan ang pagkatap sa sakit pinaagi sa pagsubay sa saktong hygiene. (PIA)

TBTK Theme Song launched during Tagbilaranon’s St. Joseph’s Fiesta Celebration at Wyckoff, New Jersey

TBTKish Gathering of our Paring Bol-anon,USA in NYC.  With the TBTK Chairperson Betty Veloso-Garcia, from left: Fr. Doming Orimaco,Papal Nuncio to Haiti, Bishop Barney Auza, Fr. Roel Lungay,TBTK song composer, and Minda Mascarinas-Cadag.

It is said that music is the food that feeds our soul. What a fitting delight to know that

our TBTK Global Homecoming campaign promotion not just has its own official Theme Song, but its composer is no less a Priest, gifted with such extra-ordinary skill in music and among the Paring Bol-anon holding pastoral assignment abroad who is right now connected to a Louisiana Parish in the United States, in the person of Fr. Roel Lungay. Music was arranged and sang by Romy Ceniza Mascarinas, another talent based in Tagbilaran City.

Better still, such TBTK Theme Song was first aired during Tagbilarans fiesta celebration at Wyckoff, New Jersey where a big congregation of the Boholano community in the East Coast were in attendance last May 9, a Saturday. To everybody’s delight, touching the heart, mind and soul of every Boholano hearing the melody and the lyrics of the song that emits love of our home-province, our people and the invitation to be home this July for the grand celebration..

Such information is no less revealed by our TBTK Chairperson, Mrs. Betty Veloso-Garcia, who was invited as the Inducting Officer of the Tagbilaranon’s of Eastern USA headed by another Paring Bol-anon, Fr. Fernando Po, as re-elected President.

Hereunder is the lyrics of the TBTK’s Theme Song in its entirety. To hear the song, log on to our website at tbtk.org . or click youtube, or get in touch with us thru our e-mail ad:douglashont@hotmail.com.


Words by J. Roel Lungay

Music by Romeo C. Mascariñas


Panahon sa kasadya

Ania na usab

Dakong panaghudyaka

Kanato nagtawag

Kita mag tapok-tapok

Kita mag tigum-tigum.


Hala tibuok banay

Pangandam na kamo

Ma nanay man o tatay

Ma dodong man o inday

Kitang tanan mo byahe

Kitang tanan pauli.


Tigum Bol-anon tigum

Dili na gyod maluom

Tigum Bol-anon tigum

Dili na gyod mahilom

Mahal natong probinsya

Nagsige nag pangagda

Bol-anon tib’ok kalibutan

Sundon nato ang dalan

Pauli sa Bohol,

Pinangga tang Bohol.


Kalambo, kahiusa

Paga damgohon ta

Yuta natong natawhan

Atong pangalagaran

Ayaw kamo kalimot

Tandaon ta siya.


Bol-anong panawagan

Kaninyo nga tanan.

Bol-anon’sa kalibutan

O dungga ki’ng tanan;

Salamat, o Bol-anon

Magkita-kita tang tanan.



Tigum Bol-anon tigum!

Bol-anon tib’ok kalibutan

Bol-anon tib’ok kalibutan

Uban kamo sa panagtigum!



Tigum Bol-anon tigum!

Tigum Bol-anon tigum!

Tigum Bol-anon tigum!

Overseas Boholanos on Medical Mission during TBTK 2009

The TBTK 2009 Schedule of Activities from July 14-26 is already prepared in earnest.

From the Boholano balikbayans’ appointed meeting with President Gloria M. Arroyo in Malacanang Palace in the nation’s capital of Manila on day one, to the subsequent social functions calendared in the days thereafter. Many of which are held in Tagbilaran City,Bohol, the venue site of most TBTK activities. So also in the neighboring municipalities as Baclayon, where an International Derby is to be held. Panglao, where the Boholano European community will present their DREAM show at the Panglao Island Resort and in Calape where the Miss Bohol International Beauty Pageant will take place in their 7,000 seat capacity Sports Center, respectively.

Be that as it may, the dates of July 20 and 21, a Monday and Tuesday, will be the most awaited by our Boholano brothers and sisters who have their own medical and health concerns. Those who can’t afford to seek treatment with specialist medical practitioners or in a private tertiary hospital. For topnotch doctors, surgeons, dentists, nurses, and other medical practitioners from hospital institutions abroad will be coming to Bohol as part of the TBTK delegation. They will spearhead the two-day Medical-Surgical Mission lead by a Boholana physician based in California, Dr. Anita Cal-Jackson, the incumbent Chairperson of the Tagbilaran Association of California(TAC) and the designated Coordinator, International TBTK Medical Surgical Mission 2009. To be held at the newly refurbished Tagbilaran Puericulture and Maternity House, Inc.

Dr. Jackson’s staff will be accompanied by a Maxillofacial Surgical team headed by Dr. Theodore Micholoff from St. Martin de Porres and Makati Medical Center, the Boholano-couple physician from New York, Dr. Teofilo”Pepe” Recitas and wife Diane, representing the Home-Reach foundation, as well as Mrs. Fancy Baluyot and staff of the Philippine Gift of Life and the Provincial Health Office under Dr. Rey Moses Cabagnot.

The TBTK Medical-Surgical Mission will be bringing with them specialized equipment and free prescriptive medicines to the Boholano patient-recipients. The TBTK Chair, Mrs. Betty Veloso-Garcia, a Nurse by profession and is connected with the New York Downtown Hospital, as well as her nurse daughter Maribeth, will also be present to administer to the needs of the visiting Medical Corps who will be billeted at the Metro Center during their Bohol stay, as well as to monitor the progress of the humanitarian undertaking.

Dr. Anita Jackson-Cal is calling on all overseas Boholano medical practitioners to take part in this laudable project and do their share in alleviating the plight of our indigent patients in the Province of Bohol. To the rest of our Paisanos, they can contribute financially or give whatever material support for the intended project that is considered one highlight activity of the TBTK 2009 Global Homecoming.

Douglas B. Hontanosas