Spectacular foto finish At Mahayahay MTB XC

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, September 1 (PIA)—Three cross country mountain bikers in the 30-39 age category raced to a spectacular finish to get the edge seconds from each other in the notoriously tough to race two-abreast single trails of Mahayahay in Carmen, August 26.

Consummate athleticism played to the smallest cogs on the uphill assault to the finish line was how spectators described the three bikers who were so glued to each other’s rear wheels that midway into the race, the spacing distance among the three mountain bikers never reached beyond five meters.

Bike Joey Magsayo (racing number 41) crossed the finish line at 11:25:04 seconds, barely two seconds before his pursuer Anthony Rabida (#46) who crossed the finish line, rear cogs midway as he kept the pumping pace to finish second at 11:25:06, while making sure the rider in pursuit does not use the cleared trail to sprint into his determined finish.

Two second later, and gears slamming to the maximum spinning race to the finish was Jobier Visto on bid number 49, on very close third.

Three minutes later came in Ricky Durano (#42) at 11:28 and John Phillip Burra, 5th at 11:32.

Magsayo finished the entire course in 1:25:04.

The 30-39 race category finished the entire race course in almost two hours, riders taking the sprinting advantage only along the barangay roads of Poblacion Sur before the painful sprint drains what resolve is left up the almost 2 kilometers technical ascent to the muddy trail to Taytay.

The race, called the First Mahayahay Mountain Bike Cross Country Race, August 26, started off at Mahayahay, Villarcayo, Carmen, threaded through 24 kilometers of mostly single track trails, crossed creeks, off-saddle bamboo bridges, barangay roads and grinds through punishing uphill climbs from Poblacion Sur Carmen to the plateau in Taytay, through oil palm plantations and thickets in secondary forests.

“It would have been a lot easier, had it not rained the day before the race,” golden category race guide Joel Torrefranca shared.

“Rain or shine, the Mahayahay trail, is never really that easy for the hobbyist mountain bikers, its technical sections are cruel at the very least, but rideable so it challenges you,” a biker from Cebu admitted.

In the Elite category, it was a race among top power-bikers of Bohol.

Nicho Lumay, wearing racing bib no 02 crossed the finish line well ahead of anyone in all categories running the 24 kilometers course.

Lumay nailed the fastest time in the race at 1:21:00, according to race tabulations provided by hosts Taga Bukid Cyclists under Rey Embradura, president.

He completed the 24 kilometer tricky course in 1:17 minutes, flying through the heavily rutted trails and stone piled paths, and getting into a minor accident, slamming himself and his bike into a grazing cow.

After Lumay whizzed through the finish line Victor Biongcog (#01) some four minutes later.

Another Boholano acclaimed strong and endurance biker Adelino Buligan (#03) trailed Biongcog some three minutes later to occupy the third place in the winners’ podium.

Eight minutes later, came in Deven Valderoza (04) followed by Jesryl Almasin (#05) 16 minutes past Valderoza.

In the 29 and below age category, Franklin Nolasco, wearing no 32 crossed the line at about 10:55 to top the category.

Biker Archie Enad (#24) came in second at 10:57, or two minutes later. Three minutes after Enad crossed #28 Neil Arado at 11:00 to place third.

Biker #27 Ralph Felisco arrived fourth in the category followed by Joseph Baldon Jr., (21) to complete the top 5 honors.

In the 40-49 age group, rider (#62) Roger Torreon completed the race course in 1:31 minutes crossing the line by 11:09 in the race that started 9:38 AM.

After him was Roberto Saniel (#58) who came in at 11:13, then Remie Magsino at 11:14, barely a minute after Saniel.

Paseo de Loon seed rider (#63) Milo Melon came in at 11:28 to place fourth while Harry Jumamoy (59) completed the 5th post in the podium.

Mahayahay MTB XC also opened up its trails for the full suspension bikers whose forks can manage 140 mm travel. This is necessary to safely surmount the technical endure-rated downhill slopes of the race course, Embradula explained.

Calape rampage trained endure riders led by Vanzie Gubot (#98) led his Calape Team to the podium honors completing the 14 kilometer course in 1:05 minutes.

After Gubot was #94 biker Edu Josol who completed the race and crossed the finish at 10:57 to place second.

Third, meanwhile was young rider Kyle Roluna, who crossed the end line at 11:11 followed by Arcel Asinero for fourth place finish (#89) a minute later. On his heels was Jovan Sumalinog crossing the finish line at 11:12.

The race which also had Golden age category or those aged 5- and above had biker Venancio Amora (#70) to a pedaling victory crossing the line at 10:53.

After Amora was Cebu biker #71 Martin Tambien, who completed the 14 kilometer course by 10:58.

Boholano biker Concordio Bernales (#79) came third finishing by 11:04 followed by Doods Lagumbay (#73) at 11:30 and (#72) Ervie Visarra by 11:33.

The Mahayahay MTB XC race also coincided with the sitio Mahayahay Fiesta and was sponsored by Paul Mesagrande, LGU Carmen and TBC sponsors.

Mountain Biking, a relatively new sports tourism feature in Bohol has recently made young riders conquer race courses across the country, putting up good competitive show in the Danao XTerra race months back.

Already an activity with a huge tourism potential, mountainbiking through the trails that crisscross Bohol also offer spectacular views, scenic spots and off-road challenge of international race caliber.

As to Mahayahay, it was nothing of the hayahay, as the name suggests, bikers who joined the race agree. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

After 20 kilometers of rough technical trails, the trio never separated as they blazed through the last technical downhill to finish a spectacular race August 26 in Carmen, Bohol. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

CV seniors defend champs crown wins 4th straight, 7th PRISAA title



TAGBILARAN CITY, May 4 (PIA)—Boosted by the home crowd and playing the home court advantage to the hilt, Team Region VII (Central Visayas) grabbed a total of 261 medals to carve its fourth straight seniors (18-24 years old) division championship title in the National Games of the Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA) this year.

During the weeklong sports action held in multiple venues in Tagbilaran City and nearby towns, Central Visayas earlier intended to continue its winning streak after taking three consecutive and three more championship belts since PRISAA organized its national games.

Central Visayas trailed Region VI Western Visayas in team sports medals; Central Visayas only secured 18 gold medals in basketball, beach volleyball, football, 2 silver medals and 6 bronze medals as against 23 gold medals for the Ilonggo delegation.

Western Visayas scored gold medals in beach volleyball, softball and indoor volleyball, plus silver finishes for beach volleyball, sepak takraw, and a bronze in football.

Central Visayas edged past Region XI Davao Region which took 17 gold medals in baseball, basketball, sepak takraw and silver in indoor volleyball.

In the individual racquet sports events however, Central Visayas swept 31 gold medals, 11 silvers and 6 bronzes as against Western Visayas’ 13 gold medals, 10 silvers and 20 bronze medals to reverse the lead in favour of the hosts.

Region 12 SOCSKSARGEN bagged a single gold in tennis to place third in the racquet sports which includes badminton, table tennis and tennis.

In the individual combative sports, Central Visayas bagged 6 gold medals in boxing, 14 golds in karatedo and 2 in taekwondo to extend the lead against closest contender Western Visayas who could only manage 2 gold medals in taekwondo, 6 silvers in taekwondo, a silver in karatedo and 14 bronze medals more in boxing, karatedo and taekwondo.

In the seniors individual men’s athletics, Western Visayas picked 14 gold medals, 4 silver and a bronze as against central Visayas’ 4 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronze.

In the women’s division, the rivalry continued with Western Visayas slightly edging out with their 8 gold, 4 silvers and 8 bronze as against the hosts’ 7 golds, 8 silvers and 7 bronzes.

In chess, Central Visayas scored 5 golds over Western Visayas’ 4 silver medals for men’s division.

In swimming, Central Visayas earned an aggregate record of 38 gold medals, 21 silver and 11 bronze medals for men and women as against Western Visayas’ 16 gold medals, 27 silver and 9 bronze medals.

In weightlifting, Central Visayas bowed to Western Mindanao as the hosts could only manage 15 gold medals, 6 silver and 4 bronze medals while the Mindanao team picked 23 gold medals, 5 silvers and 3 bronze medals.

In the cultural events and academic contests, Central Visayas picked a gold for Mutya ng PRISAA while Western Visayas had 2 golds for PRISAAwitan and a bronze for oratorical contest.

At the end of the weeklong sports hostilities held in multiple venues in Tagbilaran City and nearby towns, Central Visayas capped the sports meet with 143 gold medals, 65 silver and 53 bronze medals to come out champions.

Western Visayas emerged with a record of 78 gold medals, 57 silver and 68 bronze medals to rank second in the seniors division of the national games.

Davao Region finished the week off with 37 gold, 38 silver and 51 bronze medals to place third.

Western Mindanao (Region IX) went home fourth with 23 gold medals, 5 silver and 5 bronze medals, while Bicol Region (Region V) homed with 18 gold medals, 16 silvers and 51 bronze to be declared fifth.

PRISAA, the biggest sports league with 567 members competing, opened in Tagbilaran April 20 just as hosts Bohol set up a practically  a tight security dragnet towards a zero-PRISAA-related incident.

This is also while hoping to top off 4.24 rating which the PRISAA Committee gave for 2017 hosts Zambales.

At the end of the 6 days hosting, PRISAA top officials gave Bohol a 4.6 rating for its hosting, according to PRISAA Bohol sports coordinator Achiles Amores. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Beautifully brutal TAPP Trail Run utter success



cramps and abrasions from unexpected falls but the look of satisfaction and contentment were the common feelings in the faces of all winners to finishers of Bohol’s notably most brutal: The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail R 2018 course as yet.


Endurance runners from Cebu, Cagayan de Oro and Leyte all flashed the thumbs up signs at the finish line when asked about the trails.


This as they showed nerves of steel and unparalleled determination as two runners hobbled off to cross the finish line in a classic one-two finish with only 23 seconds difference.


The two successively broke the tape amidst the modest cheering of a crowd two hours and eight minutes after completing the brutal 21 kilometer The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) Trail Run 2018.


Meanwhile, a Boholano marathoner from Inabanga surged into the podium to finish fifth, the only one among locals who barged into the top spots in the grueling race that rolled off at a brisk pace, 5:30 AM February 10.


Bonifacio Monjas of Leyte and now of Naga Cebu, wearing number 18 racing bib and Paul James Zafico #140, of Cagayan de Oro played to the hilt a rivalry to the finish as both picked the pace to outrun each other as the chasing runner was about a minute behind them when they claimed the first and the second place.


Monjas completed the entire loop in 2:08:17, just 23 seconds ahead of Zafico who clocked in at 2:08:40.


Behind them was Andy Tunacao (#9) of Hilongos, Leyte, the pack leader as the runners assaulted the wicked ridges of Cambaol Alicia, towards the DENR ranger station sitting on top of the Binabaje Peak where the first checkpoint was located, some 5 kilometers into the race.


Ilongo, Roger Molinos (#158) completed the race in 2:36:01, about 3 minutes ahead of the runner in pursuit and Boholano pride Candelario Logronio (#21) chested the tape at 2:39:35.


In the women’s category, Baybay City runner Noriebelle Guinto (#137) picked the gold spot for the 21K challenge finishing the race in 3:32:19, ahead of Precious Mae Villaber of Cebu (#144) came in five minutes later at 3:37″23 to pick the silver post.


Another Baybay City runner Fe Hoffner Von Styggenien (#49) picked bronze finishing at 3:43:49 after the gunstart.


Jade Abellana (#66) came in fourth clocking a 4:04:01 followed by Jessie Ejoc (#75), 14 minutes later at 4:18:38.


179 runners signed up for the 21K, another 193 for the 5K run according to Richard Anania, TAPP Trail Run 2018 race director.


For the 5K male category, crossing the line first was Julius Abayabay (#5079), 2nd Daryll Gelicame (#5025), 3rd James Palma (#5181), 4th Benjo Namoc (#5009) and 5th Lloyd Lester A. Liwagon (#5200).


For the 5K run which hied off from The Farm at 5:00, Alicianhon Tarcela Titus (35143) crossed the finish line first and was the swiftest even after conquering the notoriously not for the beginner Alicia trails.


Following her was Rosario Romero (#5129), Mikee Alanis Tuyor (#5180), Czarina Platino (#5023) and (#5171)


Alicia Mayor Marnilou Ayuban and Vice Mayor Victoriano Torres III handed the awards and tokens to the winners as well as witnessed the giving of finishers medals to runners who each completed the race course within the cut-off time.


The TAPP Trail Run is the first running event Alicia has offered as part of its Foundation Days and we were thinking a maximum of 50 runners signing in, admitted Alicia Tourism and Information Officer Gudelia Lumugdang.


Race director Richard Anania however said the turnout was more than expected. Over 300 runners braved the Cambaol ridges, if only to prove they can conquer themselves and mountains before them.


On this, Mayor Ayuban hopes that they can sustain the activities at the TAPP and hopefully reap the tourism benefits of their environment friendly trail race. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)


Bohol paddlers take their trades to the skies, as endurance runners from across the region geared up for The Alicia Panoramic Park Trail Run 2018, a punishing 21 kilometer trail run that takes runners into brutal ascents and steep ridge running, a new sports tourism product of Alicia town. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Antequera Duathlon 2018 registration until Feb 28


TAGBILARAN CITY, February 1 (PIA)–If Alicia had a trail run and an off-road bike race in two days, Antequera will do it in one: the Antequera Off-road Duathlon 2018.

Now asserting as a viable sports tourism destination, Bohol is at it again this summer, with another grueling race showcasing Antequera’s trails and immersion into locals in a rub-bike run event.

Set at 6:30 AM this March 18, the 5 kilometer (km) run, 25 km bike and 3 km run speeds off in the classic leave no trace race: participants who litter could lose, so they must provide for their race provisions while organizers put up aid stations where participants can refill water bottles or hydration packs.

“We want this with least environment impact, so participants are advised to pocket their litter and empty them at the aid stations, outside help from non-participants or spectator, like food, hydration, tools, or medical assistance from any person not directly involved in the event in the entire bike course is strictly prohibited,” one of the race organizers, Russel Villas said.

“Even pacing from a non-competitor or vehicle is not allowed at any time on the bike course, participants may walk their bike if needed, but they can’t complete the bike course without their bikes,” he added.

Participants must complete the entire bike course unassisted, strictly following the designated track and specified as race course, or face disqualification, return to the transition area on the same mountain bike they started as a bike change would be ground for disqualification and immediate ejection from the race.

Open to participants 16 year old and above and who have at least trained or participated in an off road race, the Antequera Duathlon is still accepting registrations until Feb 28 at Bohol Bike Shop in Tagbilaran, for individuals at P600 and relay at 1,200, which includes race kit; finishers medal, jersey and post race meal.

Open for three categories, the race accepts 29 years and below, 30-39, 40-49 and 50 and above for the male category and 35 years old and below and 35 years old and above for females.

Set to go, rain or shine, this March 18, at exactly 6:30am of March 18, race clock officially stops at 1:00pm of the same day, or 6 1/2 hours after gun start,  according to Vice Mayor Simon Leo Jadulco, head of the organizing team.

“Duathletes who are still on the road by the cut-off may still finish the race beyond and still get their finisher’s medal and shirt, but they will not be included in the official list of finishers as the race provides no time extensions,” he added.

As to the off-road bike segment,  organizers said only 26, 27.5, 29 inch wheels mountain and fat bikes are allowed with minimum 1.9 tire size for the race.

Those using a tire size 1.9 below, will be disqualified for a podium finish in all categories.

Concerned about safety, organizers also said “riders with bikes that have safety issues will be disqualified.”

With this, racers need to get their bikes checked-in at the transition area on March 17, Antequera Town Center from 3:00-5:30pm, when they can also claim their race kits.

Another bike check-in will and race kit claims is set 4:00am-5:30am on race day and upon mandatory 2 hours check in, race bibs, proper running and biking apparels, hydration bottle and helmets are also presented, personal audio devices, strictly prohibited.

All bikes must be checked-in and mounted on the racks at the transition area by 5:30 AM race day, no extensions or late check-in of bikes are allowed.

Before that, participants may still have full access to their bikes before these are hung in racks at the transition area, which would not be removed until the start of the bike leg.

Race briefing is set March 17 at 5:30pm at the transition area and a carbo-loading dinner will be served later.

For Tagbilaran City based-bikers, a truck for bikes will be available only at 3:00pm March 17, 2018 from the Rizal Park, Tagbilaran City, and will ferry the bikes back to Tagbilaran after the race on Sunday, according to duathlon organizers.

Campsite are provided at the plaza or at the Antequera Training Center for overnight stay. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Even before the sores of Alicia Trail Run could be healed, runners would again hit the training regime for the Antequera Duathlon 2018 this March 18. Registrations are only until the end of February, according to Vice mayor Simon Leo Jadulco, duathlon organizer. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Bohol Bike for peace, Visayas first during PNP Taliños term

TAGBILARAN CITY, May 9, (PIA)–It may have happened before, but the recent Bike for Peace activities organized by the Philippine National Police Regional Office 7 in Bohol is the first among the upcoming events, announced Police regional Chief PCSuperintendent Noli Taliño in Panglao.

General Taliño, who did not fail to mention the beautiful and scenic 18 kilometer route from Camp Dagohoy to Panglao passing through the Dauis causeway, said the Police Regional Office thought of the ride as the police little help to assure tourists that it is safe to live, roam around and do business in Bohol.

Taliño led the PRO Officials including deputy regional director for administration PCSupt Franklin Moises Mabanag, PSupt Clarito Baja, Bohol Police Chief PSSupt Felipe Natividad, and his officials in the 20 kilometer ride that pedaled off from Camp Dagohoy, to Panglao Plaza, then to Alona before going back to the Plaza for a short program.

From here, we might do the same to other nearby provinces, he added.

The group arrived to a zumba dance session with Panglao local officials leading the early morning stretch.

Later, PCSupt Talino moved off and led the police bikers in the zumba until the program started.

Also in the ride pack were police officers and men from the regional office, police officer bikers from the towns, bike groups from Baclayon, Alburquerque, Bike Kings, Bike ta Bai, Bol-anon Cyclists, Cortes bikers, Antequera BeerBogs, Maribojoc, Bureau of Fire Protection, the Philippine Information Agency, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, Capitol Bikers, Dauis and Panglao bikers.

“We wanted to get to Alona because we want to show to the tourists that it is completely safe to go to Panglao, and to Anda,” Taliño who earlier talked to the national media with his Met bike helmet still on, said.

We are picking Panglao and Anda, two of Bohol’s famous beach destinations frequented by foreigners, he said even as 10 of the 12 members of the Abu Sayyaf bandits that stealthily arrived in Bohol have been killed in relentless government operations since April 11.

The arrival of the bandits and their notorious ways of kidnapping for ransom and bombing soft targets have forced foreign embassies to issue travel advisories in the Visayas and southern Philippines.

By May 10, the Bike groups move to Jagna for another round of bike rides for peace, Taliño appraised everyone, which included bike groups and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts gathered at the plaza.

The second bike ride for peace in Bohol pushes off from the Insular plaza in Jagna and takes the Bohol belt highway to Guindulman before turning right to the tourism destination called Anda, 36 kilometers away.

The PRO and the Bohol Provincial Police Office has invited nearby police stations and the community in Anda to gather at the Quinale to be there at the briefings that happen as the bikers arrive.

In the menu are briefings on terrorism, anti crime and other relevant topics that would affect that part of Bohol, according to SPO1 Jennifer Atanacio.

Atanacio, former Camp Dagohoy Information Officer said they have prepared a transport for bikers and bikes from Camp Dagohoy to Jagna and back to Tagbilaran, for those joining the events. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

General Taliño explains the rationale behind the Bike for Peace which the PRO brings to Panglao and Anda in Bohol May 9-10. The first ride for peace under his term, the Bike for Peace would also be done in other Central Visayan provinces, Taliño said. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Bohol slides to fourth From 3rd place in 2016

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 18 (PIA)—Bohol lost steam and sizzled as it slid to fourth among 13 sports delegations towards the closing days of the Central Visayas Regional Athletic Association (CVRAA) meet held February 12-17, 2017 at the Teodoro Mendiola Sr Oval in Naga City.

On the second day of competitions, Bohol took a commanding second place, its athletes achievements even earning precious newspaper spaces all over Central Visayas but could not hold on to its edge.

Medal powerhouse Cebu City kept its 2016 lead and cemented a 25th straight winning streak for the CVRAA crown with 144 gold medals, 64 silvers and 77 bronze medals.

Observers always pick Cebu City as favorite, being the host of most schools with well-defined sports programs.

Cebu Province, which finished fourth overall in 2016 improved its position by skipping over two positions to trample then third placer Bohol and second placer Mandaue City to claim a spot as the region’s next delegation with the most medals.

Cebu Province nailed 37 gold medals, 41 silvers and 47 bronze medals to sidle in between Cebu City and next bigger contender Mandaue City.

On day three of the sports competitions, Bohol could not keep up with the gold harvest and settled for third, a position it continues to lose grip to Mandaue City, which had also a terrible showing in 2017.

Mandaue City finished off the sports hostilities emerging with 29 gold medals, 49 silver medals and 47 bronze medals to earn the third spot in the region’s pre qualifier to the Palarong Pambansa.

Bohol, which ranked third last year could only muster 25 gold medals, 38 silvers and 75 bronze medals to claim the fourth place.

Lapulapu City maintained its fifth place finish in 2016, with 23 gold medals35 silvers and 35 bronze medals.

Like Cebu Province, Tagbilaran City pulled out a stunning show and performed two notches better earning sixth place after five days of events.

Tagbilaran City bagged home 21 gold medals, 20 silver medals and 25 bronze medals in 2017, as against its 8th place finish in 2016 with only 8 gold medals, 20 silvers and 20 bronze medals then.

Tagbilaran City in 2017 overtook Danao City which has clung to the 7th place position it claimed in 2016.

Danao City could only make 17 gold medal finishes, 30 silver medals and 25 bronze medals this year.

From 9th rank in 2016, host City of Naga improved its standing to eight when its athletes finished off the games with 7 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 19 bronzes.

Then ranked 6th in 2016, Talisay City slumped to ninth position in 2017 earning 6 gold medals, 13 silver medals and 14 bronze finishes at the capping day of the tournaments.

The City of Bogo showed promise this year as from being last in 2016, the delegation improved its position massively; jumping over three notches to claim the 10th berth of the CVRAA 2017.

The City of Bogo posted 6 gold, 4 silver and 10 bronze slate after the 2017 hostilities.

Toledo City, which was occupying the 12th spot in 2016 jumped up to 11th and beat next contender Siquijor Province by one gold medal more.

Toledo City capped the days with 3 top finishes, 5 silver finishes and 4 bronze finishes.

On the other hand, Siquijor, which used to claim the 10th space in 2016 also slid off to 12th with only 2 golds, 4 silvers and a single bronze.

Carcar City, which used to have the 11th place in 2016 could only muster a silver and 4 bronze medals to settle at the tail end of the CVRAA 2017 roster.
The results are based on the final official medal tally on regular sports certified by Records and Results Chief Alberto L. Mangaron, Co-chief Mario Garcia and recorder Jonas Ledesma. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Bohol secondary basketball team proved it can be a group to contend with after emerging with the silver finish in the recently completed CVRAA 2017. (photo grabbed from DepED Lope Hubac’s facebook)