Bikers clean up Banat-I trails For World Environment Day

When most of the people took more time in their cozy beds on the early hours of June 5, it being a holiday, mountain bikers were already on the trails of Tagbilaran City’s cross country trail training site, spare gloves on the ready, for the World Environment Day Banat-I clean-up.
While the government declared June 5 as the Eid’lFit’r, and as a regular holiday for both Muslims and non-Muslims, the day also afforded many the rest they needed so breakfasts were mostly delayed as there was no hurry for the day.
For young and professionals who take on to their bikes for the daily sweat dose, that day was one they would be ticking two on their bucket list: go get sweating cranking for the climb and do something for the environment for the day.
The challenging climb at Banat-I Park is painful but like all hard efforts, the rewards in the spectacular view from the top easily erases all the pains.
But the garbage that has accumulated in Banat-i, brought by hikers, trail runners or lovers who take the views of the hill, has become an eye-sore for the environment biased bikers and trail runners.
Empty water bottles, soda PET bottles, wine bottles, junk food foil packs, cellophane packaging, styrofoam and food packaging are strewn on the trails, in the camp site and even along the access road, that has marred the beauty of the place.
It is about time we need to do something about it, said biker Engr Rey Tirol, who organized the clean up.
Many trails crisscross Banat-i, that for bikers, the grueling small ring-big cogs grind, or the medium ring medium cogs for power training, has a fit for all types of bikers.
Whether the route follows the road to the top or through the climbing challenge by weaving through the tangle of shrubs, slowly picking the way past the vines and to the tower, a nasty plastic caught in the roots and undergrowth, have concerned the Banat-i users.
Already with three of the best developed bike race routes less than 10 minutes from the heart of the City, Banat-ihas slowly become the favorite playground for the boys and men in their expensive bike rigs.
Banat-I, one of the two more prominent hills rising above Tagbilaran affords those who climb through it one of the most spectacular views, not to mention the health premium one can get for the rigorous climb, even by leisurely hikers.
Also becoming a favorite playground for the already building number of trail runners in Tagbilaran, Banat-I has openly embraced these health conscious athletes as well as lovers on their romantic sojourns.
“The more people are, in the hills, the more the garbage, we need to do something about it,” Tirol added.
Over 20 bikers on 26’rs, 27.5s and 29’rs pedaled up the Banat-I that morning, placed their bikes on top, and with still wearing cleats, bikers followed the trails on foot, bringing with them sacks and tongs to pick up garbage.
After about an hour of clean-up, over 5 sacks of garbage were brought to a stockpile for the city garbage trucks to collect.
The bikers also put up signs on top of the hill, to be responsible by taking nothing pictures, wasting nothing but time and leaving nothing but footprints. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Are you Kinatkatay ready?

Technical climbs and rampage rated downhill sections with possibly painless ball-out sections if you are quick to roll into the tall grasses: these await the uninitiated into the KinatkataysaBinabaje, Alicia’s extreme cross country mountain biking challenge.
Set in the afternoon of February 24, the 35 kilometer race of epic proportion, is generously spiced up with punishing climbs into the tall hills of sitioBinabaje in Barangay Cambaol in Alicia town, and opens to age group competitors.
But just before you let go of that P400 registration, it just might be fair if you get forewarned about what to expect when you get on The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) trails.
If you ever had joined a group trail ride and wondered how you humped and puffed while other whizz through, then you know what it is to climb faster, rip through the downhills and bunny hop on obstacles like they do.
That ain’t coming with your kind of training regimen.
You would have to invest in lots of riding, great fitness workouts and scratched bikes. So take on the trails at least four times a week and build on those heart muscles.
TAPP’s KinatkataysaBinabaje is a 35 kilometer 3 hour ride at least, so it would make sense if your designed training program fits the race distance. Or more.
Single day long rides or moderately long rides placed back to back in the remaining weeks should work on the muscle memory and the heart. Keep the intensity level high in short trail rides, and do not forget the recovery rides, that is where one heaps on the power level needed for the punishing trails.
And then train on steady endurance.
To do this, an occasional spin with the road bike will often do the trick.
If you noticed, mountain bike training plans are suited for the technical sections and agility, but seldom on the pace upkeep in a steady tempo. It is the big effort on short sections and then recovery and then big effort and recovery that does not help much. Sometimes, when the efforts is less than five minutes and you reward yourself with a stop at the peak of technical sections, it does not help a lot.
This is where a road bike spin will help you attain a strong endurance to hold a high intensity attack mode that must hold throughout the race.
KinatkataysaBinabaje is not your typical long climb and then recovery ride, but that is getting ahead of the story.
Binabaje and the entire Alicia extreme XC MTB is a juxtaposition of climbs and descents that knowing which gears to fit into your rig can be a make or break.
A 1x or 2x 11-46 or 50 fits on a niner or a 27.5, a 35 may be fine on a 26 frame, but it is not the cassette, it is the rider that matters.
The climbs here are arduous and a shift to a low gear may be the easiest and most painless way up the obstacles. Anticipate on the gear change and decrease the strain on the chains to shift to a gear that matches the terrain and the climb.
When climbing needs traction, by standing on, you may lose this grip, so leaning forward while staying seated could work much better.
Slide forward on the saddle or hunch over the handlebars to add more weight on the front wheel for added traction, this may just be better than dancing your bike and lose much energy on the skids.
And keep pumping, keep the pressure on, and don’t let up on those pedals, getting at least a speed over the uncomfortable. Do not overspin, because that will dent on your energy.
The downhill sections here equally demand full off and on saddle and keep off the temptation to grab on the brake levers as it could literally send you cart wheeling down the majestic slopes.
Find better judgment when you have the itch to grab on the levers. Downhill sections here are extreme, and expect the front wheels to skid if you over-brake on the front. The rear brakes should play here, making sure you’re shifting your weight to the rear to lend more traction.
Shift into the big chain ring on the downhill, at least a bumpy descent will keep the chain from bouncing off and the chain will cover the teeth of the big ring so it won’t bite into your leg.
Stay loose, keep from being rigid, don’t lock your elbows or clench your grip, let your hands act as an extra fork to absorb the shock, while your hands keep a firm controlled grip on the bars to keep things steady.
Most of the time, looking ahead and not on the front wheel allows you to steer better. Let your shoulders guide you through each turn and around each obstacle, but do not oversteer.
A good bike skill is to let the bike track the direction you are looking, while you shift and adjust on your leans, thinking only of the line to go.
Every decent dirt biker knows it is embarrassing to walk your bike when it has in the rig all the necessary gears to get you past that technical ascent.
But, a good judgment helps.
If you would swallow your pride and walk your bike than dance through the technical sections, an unwanted crash may sideline you for good and ruin your dream of finishing the race.
Moreover, a hard attack on a section that would deal so much on your energy reserves would better be good because many riders take so much time picking up from a fall than simply walking on the bike and get past the dangerous sections.
Just keep off the cameras.
Racing down bumpy, technical descents would be easier if you stand on the pedals and above the saddle, letting your legs and knees absorb the bumps.
While it may not be necessary, a dropper seat may help here.
Binabaje has a fair share of technical downhill sections that dropping your saddle 2-4 inches should lower your center of gravity, allowing you more space to dance with the bounce.
And yes, the pedals can get snagged in the undergrowth, so the front pedal should be a bit higher so it won’t catch on to something and toss you over the handlebars.
Keep your focus, concentration pays. If, in the ride, your thought strays, then so may your bike, into the long unwanted roll.
And yes, going into the roll could be the best way to get you up and running again. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Either you use up all your energies to mount the hills or lower your pride and walk your bike, KinatkataysaBinabaje will have many instances when you have to pick between the two. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

The Call from the TAPP:

Alicia opens trail
Until January 25

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol January 12 (PIA)–The gorgeous trails leading to the best panoramic views in eastern Bohol open again this year for the annual The Alicia Panoramic Park (TAPP) Trail Run 2019 in time for the foundation days celebration of the town, 100 kilometers from this capital city.
Said to be most brutally beautiful race that allows trail masters to get a glimpse, or a selfie at the scenery, the TAPP trail run gets a trail runner from The Farm in Barangay Cambaol, Alicia to dizzying elevations by following the pasture trails that make their way to Mount Labawan, the trail’s highest peak at over 350 meters towering over the largely rolling landscape.
Now fast becoming the town’s most popular sports tourism product, the trail run this year, set February 24, Sunday, is open for 5 kilometer kiddie, the 10 kilometers and the 30 kilometers trail for the hardcore runners who have found the real challenge off-road and away from the pavements.
With registration opening since December, the TAPP trail run attempts to limit the number of runners considering the trails’ carrying capacity, according to town tourism officer Godelia Lumugdang.
When there were over 350 runners who registered in last year’s TAPP Trail series for the 21 kilometers, organizers this year opened limited 150 slots for the 30 kilometers, another 150 slots for the 10 kilometers and 50 slots for the kiddie 3 kilometer race, she added.
Registration for the 30 kilometer race is P1,200, for the 10 kilometer race, P700 and for the 5 kilometer kiddie, P500.
Registration which includes an event shirt, racer’s bib, finishers medals and post-race meal, closes on January 25, without extension.
While the registration can be processed personally at the Alicia Tourism Office, organizers have opened online registration system, to help race participants who are too far out to register.
Registration fees can be deposited to any of the following accounts: BPI Checking Account, Account Name: Venus Dy, Account Number: 1685-0020-23 (BPI Alfaro, Makati), or BDO Checking Account, under account Name: Venus Dy, Account Number: 00168-802-4303 (BDO PhilAm-Valero, Makati) or through Pera Padala (Palawan Express / MLhuiller), send to Eva Dy, 09171688571 or 09198102647.
Race participants only need to fill-out the following: First Name, Last Name, Race Category, Age, Gender, Email address, Shirt size, Phone Number and Address and email these together with an attached scanned copy / photo / screenshot of the deposit slip / receipt to, putting “TAPP Trail Run 2019-(Race Category) as subject.
A confirmation would be sent as soon as the payment has been verified, organizers said.
Organizers also accept group registrations detailing the individual participants and kids 5-8 yrs old joining the Run must be accompanied by an adult, whose name would also be included in the registration.
As the race starts at 5:00 AM on February 24, athletes who are up to test their core strengths, endurance and muscles have over a month of rigorous training left to compete and survive the beautiful but muscle cramping climbs.
Gear up
Trail races are always about right training in core body strength, endurance while endlessly discovering a good body balance throughout the course to last to the finish, TAPP trail veterans have suggested 6 TAPP trail essentials.
1. Clothing. Find a proper trail clothing that fits well, dri-fit rashguards are well recommend as the trail goes through tall sharp grasses that could be itchy or scratch. Choose that flat lightweight trail shoes with enough thread, this helps you find a better balance in the uneven trails. And good quality socks and a cap can be a huge help in sun-bathed trails. Spandex are a great idea and tights over sports shorts can really be a game changer when the tall grasses would start punishing a runners aching legs with the itch.
2. Hydration packs. While some trail runners are good to go with hand held water bottles or the ubiquitous hydration belts for marathoners, TAPP trails wind up to elevations without any refilling stations, so consider this as forewarning. As the instagrammable gently sloping trails can really be a perfect come on, the ascents are unexpectedly nasty, you would have both hands pumping, or scrambling that at least a two liter hydration backback would be a good tradeoff.
3. Calories. You won’t be able to finish TAPP trails skipping food because after 5 kilometers of hill climb, you would be cursing yourself for not packing enough chocolate energy bars, energy gels, salt tablets and the good old potassium from a ripe banana. TAPP’s 30 kilometers would be a good 6++ hours run, so a ready 600 calorie pack in your tote might just help. Organizers are also putting up water refilling stations with fruits, which are great calories sources.
4. Sunshades and sunscreens. While the race breaks off at early morning, runners are better off with a good photo chromatic lens glasses or the good old sports sunglasses, you will find would be a huge relief. And sunscreens too, a good squeeze of sunblock slapped on the nape and exposed skin would be a relief, especially as one would be reliving the glory of the race in some reclining chair.
5. Survival pack. As the TAPP trails wind up to where you could be alone navigating the trail, in an accident, getting rescues may have to be prepared. A good whistle, fully charged mobile phone with enough calling capacity, a headlamp and some cash may be of help, in any case of emergency. And lube too. When navigating the trail for hours on end, a good dab of Vaseline or skin lube in areas where there is skin chaffing when the friction is high, is a decision you would not regret.
6. Trekking Pole. Just as participants who have gone through the TAPP trails in the past know that a trekking pole is an extra weight to one’s personal tote gear, many have admitted that the gear saves one a lot of embarrassment in the steep downhill sections of the race. And, a pole easily distributes one’s body weight, that the added weight would certainly be one that keeps your but, mud-free from just sliding down the trails. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

The TAPP Trails bring runners over the hills’ ridges and allows them to catch fleeting glances of the gorgeous views, though not to long enough to relish the sight, especially because they have to realize a race has no place for sightseeing. (rahc/PIABohol)

Bohol hosts PH’s first GFNY int’l bike race

Without much of an effort but putting up the right infrastructure, Bohol inches its way to its new assertion as among the country’s emerging sports tourism capitals.
This month, Bohol’s gorgeous country roads, challenging hills and magnificent scenery plus its warm people would be receiving the internationally acclaimed international cycling marathon in its qualifying runs: the prestigious Gran Fondo New York (GFNY).
GFNY is a personal endurance challenge where you compete against others, the clock and yourself, Bohol local organizer David Aliño bared at the Kapihansa PIA.
Coming first in the Philippines after its inaugural Gran Fondo New York race in the United States in 2011, organizers accordingly did not think twice about the proposal to hold the first ever GFNY in the Philippines in Bohol, revealed Bohol Department of Tourism (DOT) officer in charge JaypeeOrcullo.
Well paved roads, magnificent scenery, great backroads and warm people, DOT said as the New York DOT sold Bohol to the GFNY.
Set this last week of January, a brood of international and local cyclists would be descending to Bohol, gather up at the Bellevue Hotel in Panglao and get familiar with the race route, Bohol’s tourism sites and the warm people before gearing it out for the race on the 27th.
The Bohol GFNY would be a two category event: a 140 kilometer race through Bohol’s scenic country roads featuring some 1554 meters of elevation and the easier non-competitive fun ride route of 66 kilometers with 554 meters of elevation gain, Aliño of the home team Paseo de Loon bared.
What makes the gran fondo (or big challenge) is that this was initially created to honor pro cycling legends in their hometown or over an iconic race route. In Bohol, it is more of the iconic race route.
Gran fondos must be a timed race of at least 74 miles (120km) long, and prizes and awards are awarded to top finishers in each category.
In Bohol, over the minimum requirements, the gran fondo takes over the four days set beginning Thursday January 24, where the multi-day celebration starts with a celebration of Boholano music, food and beverages, shared Bohol Department of Tourism (DOT) officer JaypeeOrcullo during the forum aired live over DyTR.
Basically chip timed event, cyclists in both competitive and non-competitive segments get to be timed so one knows whether he beats his best distance record, while at the same time pitting himself against other cyclists, Aliño said.
While the top three of each age group competitor in the race gets to have podium honors, he added that the top 10 finishers for each category can get an invite to the front corral of the prestigious Campagnolo GFNY this May 19, starting off at the iconic George Washington Bridge in New York for the GFNY World Championships.
A mass start race, Bohol organizers have said they are about to complete the final coordination as the individual chip timing from start to finish needs to be coordinated with police moderated traffic to ensure riders do not have to stop during the race, Orcullo said.
GFNY is the latest of the international road races which have found their way to love Bohol roads.
In December of 2011, the Timex 226 Bohol Triathlon found the Anda to Panglao route a neat challenge.
The succeeding years, Bellevue put in its own brand of triathlons followed the Ironman 5150 as it found its home to the hotel since then.
Before that, another gran fondo type of fun ride: Giro d Luca found its way to Bohol too, making it the first regular annual long distance fun ride here.
GFNY registration is ongoing at, registration includes pro-level imported jersey (mandatory race attire), race goodie bag, which includes a GFNY PH 800ml Elite Italy bike bottle, fully supported course with police, medical, mechanical, staff and volunteers, 6 fully stocked aid stations, finishers medal, post-race meal, pre-race group rides on Thursday, Friday and Saturday during race week and a fun and challenging day of cycling in an International peloton.
GFNY is the latest and the most competitive full bike race. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

CRANKING FOR MORE SPORTS EVENTS. Bohol is not giving up on developing and inviting more sports activities, this time, with the Department of Tourism and the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines, bring the Gran Fondo New York qualifiers, which will bring in international and national cyclists sidling for a berth at the Campagnolo GFNY International Championship in New York this May 19. (PIABohol)

GFNYPh BOHOL. Gran Fondo New York Bohol event organizer David Aliño of Team Paseo de Loon explains the mechanics of the gran fondo type of race in Bohol this January 27. With him is DOT Bohol officer in charge JaypeeOrcullo. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Spectacular foto finish At Mahayahay MTB XC

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, September 1 (PIA)—Three cross country mountain bikers in the 30-39 age category raced to a spectacular finish to get the edge seconds from each other in the notoriously tough to race two-abreast single trails of Mahayahay in Carmen, August 26.

Consummate athleticism played to the smallest cogs on the uphill assault to the finish line was how spectators described the three bikers who were so glued to each other’s rear wheels that midway into the race, the spacing distance among the three mountain bikers never reached beyond five meters.

Bike Joey Magsayo (racing number 41) crossed the finish line at 11:25:04 seconds, barely two seconds before his pursuer Anthony Rabida (#46) who crossed the finish line, rear cogs midway as he kept the pumping pace to finish second at 11:25:06, while making sure the rider in pursuit does not use the cleared trail to sprint into his determined finish.

Two second later, and gears slamming to the maximum spinning race to the finish was Jobier Visto on bid number 49, on very close third.

Three minutes later came in Ricky Durano (#42) at 11:28 and John Phillip Burra, 5th at 11:32.

Magsayo finished the entire course in 1:25:04.

The 30-39 race category finished the entire race course in almost two hours, riders taking the sprinting advantage only along the barangay roads of Poblacion Sur before the painful sprint drains what resolve is left up the almost 2 kilometers technical ascent to the muddy trail to Taytay.

The race, called the First Mahayahay Mountain Bike Cross Country Race, August 26, started off at Mahayahay, Villarcayo, Carmen, threaded through 24 kilometers of mostly single track trails, crossed creeks, off-saddle bamboo bridges, barangay roads and grinds through punishing uphill climbs from Poblacion Sur Carmen to the plateau in Taytay, through oil palm plantations and thickets in secondary forests.

“It would have been a lot easier, had it not rained the day before the race,” golden category race guide Joel Torrefranca shared.

“Rain or shine, the Mahayahay trail, is never really that easy for the hobbyist mountain bikers, its technical sections are cruel at the very least, but rideable so it challenges you,” a biker from Cebu admitted.

In the Elite category, it was a race among top power-bikers of Bohol.

Nicho Lumay, wearing racing bib no 02 crossed the finish line well ahead of anyone in all categories running the 24 kilometers course.

Lumay nailed the fastest time in the race at 1:21:00, according to race tabulations provided by hosts Taga Bukid Cyclists under Rey Embradura, president.

He completed the 24 kilometer tricky course in 1:17 minutes, flying through the heavily rutted trails and stone piled paths, and getting into a minor accident, slamming himself and his bike into a grazing cow.

After Lumay whizzed through the finish line Victor Biongcog (#01) some four minutes later.

Another Boholano acclaimed strong and endurance biker Adelino Buligan (#03) trailed Biongcog some three minutes later to occupy the third place in the winners’ podium.

Eight minutes later, came in Deven Valderoza (04) followed by Jesryl Almasin (#05) 16 minutes past Valderoza.

In the 29 and below age category, Franklin Nolasco, wearing no 32 crossed the line at about 10:55 to top the category.

Biker Archie Enad (#24) came in second at 10:57, or two minutes later. Three minutes after Enad crossed #28 Neil Arado at 11:00 to place third.

Biker #27 Ralph Felisco arrived fourth in the category followed by Joseph Baldon Jr., (21) to complete the top 5 honors.

In the 40-49 age group, rider (#62) Roger Torreon completed the race course in 1:31 minutes crossing the line by 11:09 in the race that started 9:38 AM.

After him was Roberto Saniel (#58) who came in at 11:13, then Remie Magsino at 11:14, barely a minute after Saniel.

Paseo de Loon seed rider (#63) Milo Melon came in at 11:28 to place fourth while Harry Jumamoy (59) completed the 5th post in the podium.

Mahayahay MTB XC also opened up its trails for the full suspension bikers whose forks can manage 140 mm travel. This is necessary to safely surmount the technical endure-rated downhill slopes of the race course, Embradula explained.

Calape rampage trained endure riders led by Vanzie Gubot (#98) led his Calape Team to the podium honors completing the 14 kilometer course in 1:05 minutes.

After Gubot was #94 biker Edu Josol who completed the race and crossed the finish at 10:57 to place second.

Third, meanwhile was young rider Kyle Roluna, who crossed the end line at 11:11 followed by Arcel Asinero for fourth place finish (#89) a minute later. On his heels was Jovan Sumalinog crossing the finish line at 11:12.

The race which also had Golden age category or those aged 5- and above had biker Venancio Amora (#70) to a pedaling victory crossing the line at 10:53.

After Amora was Cebu biker #71 Martin Tambien, who completed the 14 kilometer course by 10:58.

Boholano biker Concordio Bernales (#79) came third finishing by 11:04 followed by Doods Lagumbay (#73) at 11:30 and (#72) Ervie Visarra by 11:33.

The Mahayahay MTB XC race also coincided with the sitio Mahayahay Fiesta and was sponsored by Paul Mesagrande, LGU Carmen and TBC sponsors.

Mountain Biking, a relatively new sports tourism feature in Bohol has recently made young riders conquer race courses across the country, putting up good competitive show in the Danao XTerra race months back.

Already an activity with a huge tourism potential, mountainbiking through the trails that crisscross Bohol also offer spectacular views, scenic spots and off-road challenge of international race caliber.

As to Mahayahay, it was nothing of the hayahay, as the name suggests, bikers who joined the race agree. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

After 20 kilometers of rough technical trails, the trio never separated as they blazed through the last technical downhill to finish a spectacular race August 26 in Carmen, Bohol. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

CV seniors defend champs crown wins 4th straight, 7th PRISAA title



TAGBILARAN CITY, May 4 (PIA)—Boosted by the home crowd and playing the home court advantage to the hilt, Team Region VII (Central Visayas) grabbed a total of 261 medals to carve its fourth straight seniors (18-24 years old) division championship title in the National Games of the Private Schools Athletic Association (PRISAA) this year.

During the weeklong sports action held in multiple venues in Tagbilaran City and nearby towns, Central Visayas earlier intended to continue its winning streak after taking three consecutive and three more championship belts since PRISAA organized its national games.

Central Visayas trailed Region VI Western Visayas in team sports medals; Central Visayas only secured 18 gold medals in basketball, beach volleyball, football, 2 silver medals and 6 bronze medals as against 23 gold medals for the Ilonggo delegation.

Western Visayas scored gold medals in beach volleyball, softball and indoor volleyball, plus silver finishes for beach volleyball, sepak takraw, and a bronze in football.

Central Visayas edged past Region XI Davao Region which took 17 gold medals in baseball, basketball, sepak takraw and silver in indoor volleyball.

In the individual racquet sports events however, Central Visayas swept 31 gold medals, 11 silvers and 6 bronzes as against Western Visayas’ 13 gold medals, 10 silvers and 20 bronze medals to reverse the lead in favour of the hosts.

Region 12 SOCSKSARGEN bagged a single gold in tennis to place third in the racquet sports which includes badminton, table tennis and tennis.

In the individual combative sports, Central Visayas bagged 6 gold medals in boxing, 14 golds in karatedo and 2 in taekwondo to extend the lead against closest contender Western Visayas who could only manage 2 gold medals in taekwondo, 6 silvers in taekwondo, a silver in karatedo and 14 bronze medals more in boxing, karatedo and taekwondo.

In the seniors individual men’s athletics, Western Visayas picked 14 gold medals, 4 silver and a bronze as against central Visayas’ 4 golds, 5 silvers and 5 bronze.

In the women’s division, the rivalry continued with Western Visayas slightly edging out with their 8 gold, 4 silvers and 8 bronze as against the hosts’ 7 golds, 8 silvers and 7 bronzes.

In chess, Central Visayas scored 5 golds over Western Visayas’ 4 silver medals for men’s division.

In swimming, Central Visayas earned an aggregate record of 38 gold medals, 21 silver and 11 bronze medals for men and women as against Western Visayas’ 16 gold medals, 27 silver and 9 bronze medals.

In weightlifting, Central Visayas bowed to Western Mindanao as the hosts could only manage 15 gold medals, 6 silver and 4 bronze medals while the Mindanao team picked 23 gold medals, 5 silvers and 3 bronze medals.

In the cultural events and academic contests, Central Visayas picked a gold for Mutya ng PRISAA while Western Visayas had 2 golds for PRISAAwitan and a bronze for oratorical contest.

At the end of the weeklong sports hostilities held in multiple venues in Tagbilaran City and nearby towns, Central Visayas capped the sports meet with 143 gold medals, 65 silver and 53 bronze medals to come out champions.

Western Visayas emerged with a record of 78 gold medals, 57 silver and 68 bronze medals to rank second in the seniors division of the national games.

Davao Region finished the week off with 37 gold, 38 silver and 51 bronze medals to place third.

Western Mindanao (Region IX) went home fourth with 23 gold medals, 5 silver and 5 bronze medals, while Bicol Region (Region V) homed with 18 gold medals, 16 silvers and 51 bronze to be declared fifth.

PRISAA, the biggest sports league with 567 members competing, opened in Tagbilaran April 20 just as hosts Bohol set up a practically  a tight security dragnet towards a zero-PRISAA-related incident.

This is also while hoping to top off 4.24 rating which the PRISAA Committee gave for 2017 hosts Zambales.

At the end of the 6 days hosting, PRISAA top officials gave Bohol a 4.6 rating for its hosting, according to PRISAA Bohol sports coordinator Achiles Amores. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)