Cases of violence against women, girls decreasing!



TAGBILARAN CITY, December 8 (PIA)–Bohol Police Provincial Office reports a 52% dip in violence against women and children (VAWC) from January to November in 2017.


The downtrend is already considered huge accomplishment and records would also show that in 2016, VAWC cases reached 165 cases, according to a report read by Police Senior Inspector Nida Perocho.


Perocho, who came to the Kapihan sa PIA bringing a summative report on the vawc cases in Bohol also clarified that the cases in their records at Camp Dagohoy reflect only those getting into town blotters that prospered into legal suits.


As to the development, authorities continue to urge women and girls who might be victims of physical, sexual, emotional and psychological or economic abuse to come out where help is available.


It would only be when they come out from hiding that they can be helped, emphasizes Inspector Perocho.


And coming out may mean getting these cases known by legal suits.


One thing good about reporting these cases of abuse is that the perpetrators would have something to think about before committing another atrocity as he can really get to jail, added social worker Desiree Faith Lingo, at the radio forum.


By reporting and filing suits however, many women and girls fear they have nowhere to go.


A facility called Bohol Crisis Intervention Center here responds exactly to cases like that, volunteers BCIC’s Donna Belle Mante.


BCIC is designed as a temporary shelter and safe house for women and children who are victims of violence, where victims get to a support group, avail of stress debriefing, medical, legal and other services from the government while their cases are considered inc ourts.


Among the advocacies adopted for the national observance of the 18 day campaign to end violence against women set November 28-December 12 is the Kapihan sa PIA in Bohol.


Topping crimes which were elevated to the courts were physical abuse which reached 20 cases, psychological abuse at 14, economic abuse at 14 and rape at 5.


Acts of lasciviousness cases reached 4, sexual harassment and incestuous rape each had 2 cases while a single case of bigamy and violation of personal protection order reached Camp Dagohoy.


A high case count of rape in the cases filed was affected by a case where there were 19 counts of rape filed to a perpetrator of a single victim, Inspector Perocho detailed.


As to the decrease, BCIC, a temporary shelter for women and children operated by the Provincial Government said that it entails two considerations.


An increase in cases may mean more and more people know that they can report these to authorities, while a decrease can really mean such, social worker Donna Belle Mante said.


Mante, who sits among the key authorities at the BCIC said since their establishment in 2002, their occupancy rate has always been averaging 30 sheltered victims.


BCIC has now been tagged as a safe house for women and girl victims of gender based abuses, Mante said.  (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

NAPOLCOM commends cops in ASG encounter

TAGBILARAN CITY, August 31, 2017 (PIA) –The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) in Region 7 handed out commendations to the Provincial Director and 18 Bohol police officers for taking measures to intercept and stop the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) from sowing terror in Bohol.
The awarding of commendations also came during the Regional launching of the National Crime Prevention Week held at the Bohol Cultural Center in Tagbilaran City, August 31.
The NAPOLCOM also handed out a post humus commendation to PO2 Rey Anthony Nazareno who rendered a selfless sacrifice when he was killed in action during an encounter against heavily armed terrorists in Inabanga.
Aside from a commendation, PO2 Nazareno got a gratuity pay of P203,208 as a one year’s salary equivalent to 16,934 monthly pay, funeral benefits worth over 30,000and special financial assistance from the Philippine National Police.
NAPOLCOM 7 Regional Director Atty. Homer Mariano Cabaral along with Governor Edgar Chatto and Assistant Secretary Gerald Anthony Gonzales and City Mayor John Geesnell Yap handed the plaques of commendation to the men and other units who took quantitative measures to intercept and involve themselves in action during the encounter against the heavily armed terrorists belonging to the ASG.
It may be recalled that as soon as intelligence reports came about the presence of heavily armed man in Barangay Napo, an inland barangay in Inabanga April 11, Bohol police authorities sent the maneuver groups: the Provincial Public Safety Company (PPSC) and the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units to confirm.
With elements from the local Inabanga Police Station, PSSupt. Felipe Natividad led PSupt. Lorenzo Batuan, PSupt Rene Kyamko, PSInspector Cesar Acompañado, PSInsp. Jojit Mananquil, SPO1 Justeofino Hinlayagan, SPO4 Tito Tradio in advancing the government’s tactical edge against the incursionists.
Also commended were PO3 Allain Randy Liba, PO3 Enrico tayactac, PO2 Jose Felicisimo Rebosura, PO2 Teogenes Dumanayos, PO2 Edwin Gudito, PO2 Albert Faustino, PO2 Archemoore Ceniza, PO2 Ronald Hingpit, PO2 Junald Jungco, PO2 Marlon Ampoloquio, PO2 Brynil Niones and PO1 Marjun Autentico, who were in the responding team.
Also commended were the Bohol Provincial; police Office in general, the PPSC, SWAT, Provincial intelligence Bureau, provincial Intelligence Detection and Management Bureau and the Inabanga Police Station.
NAPOLCOM said their pursuit resulted to the prevention of the bandits from spreading terror in the Visayas region and in the country as a whole.
The courageous performance and selfless dedication to public service of these PNP officers are worthy of emulation, NAPOLCOM through Regional Director Cabaral said.
On the other hand, four more police officers who have brought police work into a higher level earned commendations for their Community and Service Oriented Policing (CSOP) for advancing the soft arm of the law against drugs.
SPO1 Janew Villame, PO2 Rosardo Emrio Jr., PO1 Aldrin Palaca and PO2 Ronald Calabria earned commendations for using their talents to bring out an information education communication campaign against illegal drugs and their use, according to PSSupt Natividad. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Courageous performance and selfless dedication worth emulating, this sums up the NAPOLCOM commendation which was given to 19 police officers and units involved in the neutralization of the ASG bandits in Bohol, during the ceremony at the Regional launching of the National Crime Prevention Week, August 31 in Tagbilaran, City. (PIABohol)

Authorities firm up grassroots information net against terror

TAGBILARAN CITY, May 11, (PIA)–Proven to be very reliable, information from the grassroots about the where-about of the remaining two wounded members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) has kept government troops on their toes.

It might not be long before the timely report could come anytime and the capture of the remaining bandits could happen, Police Regional Director Chief Superintendent Noli Taliño said, May 10.

With plenty unfiltered information getting in and communities on their toes, a regional police official summed, “right information at the right time should help.”

To do that, authorities are now organizing communities and capacitating residents what to look out for the of terrorists trying to evade government troops, through security briefings and impressed on the need to organize for information networking, while asserting and assuring tourists that travel in Bohol is still safe.

The Provincial Government gathered Bohol local officials: mayors and barangay captains including barangay peacekeeping action teams (BPATS) May 10, for the authorities to talk about helping government troops in reporting the presence of suspicious persons and of the Philippine National Police program Bikes for Peace and its events.

Explaining to members of the BPATS, barangay officials and local officials gathered for the Anti-Terrorism Information Drive at the Bohol Cultural Center in Tagbilaran and at the Quinale Beach in Anda, General Taliño emphasized Boholano courage and unity which thwarted the terror attempts of the notorious group here.

The police regional chief cited the crucial information of the community in Napo, in validating the presence of the armed men after the intelligence sources report a plan by the ASG to venture into the Visayas.

The information resulted to the encounter and the death of 4 armed men, 2 supporters and 4 government troopers.

He also cited the information from a motorcycle for hire driver about the presence of suspicious men near a cave in Bacani Clarin, a week later.

Band leader Joselito Melloria and three of his armed companions died in the ensuing gunfight after the validation of the information.

The community also efficiently caused the apprehension of another ASG bandit who survived over nearly a month roaming the jungles of Inabanga, Clarin and Tubigon before giving himself away when he attended a fiesta and refused to eat pork.

In fact, Taliño pointed out that the government troops’ engagement with the bandits succeeded because of the timely action of local authorities.

Without the courage and unity, [of Boholanos] the ASG could have done [what they intend to do], he pointed out.

Because of this, Police Chief Superintendent Taliño led the Regional Police Office and the Bohol Provincial Police Office and civilian bike enthusiasts in a two day Bike of Peace events in Bohol.

For the 20 kilometer Ride for Peace in Panglao May 9, General Taliño said the Rides for Peace would be held to assure tourists that it is still safe to go to Bohol or any place in the Visayas.

In Anda, after taking the 44 kilometer ride, bikers danced the zumba while waiting for the barangay officials for the terrorism briefing.

Topics during the forum with the local officials and peace advocates include Community and personal Profiling as well as Community Organizing.

Both topics are very important in fortifying communities against the entry of suspicious strangers that may further do crimes and start terror cells, the Tagalog speaking police chief said.

Importanteng bagay ang gusto nating ma-achieve, he said of the Bike for Peace and the Anti-Terrorism Forum.

We want people to help and we want fortified communities to help take care of their security, he added.

As to the Bike for Peace, Taliño said we will be doing this [Bike For Peace] in Bohol, Cebu or Siquijor, little this may be, but anything that can help, we will do, he capped. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

PCSuperintendent Noli Taliño speaks to BPATS and barangay officials of Anda, Candijay and Guindulman during the recent Anti-Terrorism Forum held at the Quinale Beach in And Bohol following a 44 kilometer Bike for Peace Ride from Jagna to Anda. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Officials urge fishermen to help guard Bohol waters



TAGBILARAN CITY, April 21 (PIA)–Local government officials here are not taking any more chances: they are mobilizing information force multipliers against threat groups inside and outside Bohol.


At the Press Briefing for the updates on the Inabanga clash between government troops and Abu Sayyaf Group members, Police Task Group Commander PCSuperintendent Noli Taliño hinted the need for a tight dragnet that could snag the remnants of the clash who are on the run and may slip out of Bohol through stolen boats.


Earlier on that same day of the briefing April 17, Governor Edgar Chatto said he met Bohol Congressional representatives, Bohol Provincial Officials, mayors and Municipal Local Government Operations Officers to cascade the mandate to form the dragnet that they would spread across all coastal towns to watch for any attempt to escape.


The expressed instruction is: convene all coastal law enforcement (CLE) groups, fishermen organizations and commercial fishers to help in the efforts to keep Bohol safe.


Bohol has 29 coastal towns of its 48 towns and organizing these fisher groups and commercial fishers as additional eyes and ears can well boost Bohol’s efforts to enforce an impenetrable wall from the outside and a containment that does not allow just anybody to slip through.


Marginal fishermen, commercial fishers, they can be our help in watching our coastal areas from any stranger groups leaving or landing, a police security officer at the briefing sidelines explained.


While intelligence officials have hailed Bohol’s community based Purok Power movement which helped spread the information about the incursion of the ASG bandits over ten kilometers upriver, the governor stressed, “everyone realizes the defense of the community in not just a task of the police and the military.”


Army intelligence officer Lt Col. Adolfo Espuelas Jr., however was positive that the 7 ASG remnants of the encounter are still contained in the area around Napo, Canlinte, Cawayan, Dagohoy and Lonoy, in the hinterlands of Inabanga.


In a hostile community, the remnants of the clash are demoralized, left with few ammunition, have no food, no sleep and practically no capacity to consummate what they intend to do, Col. Espuellas said.


Army intelligence also bared that the firefight that almost lasted 24 hours, left the ASG’s local contact Joselito Melloria with a wound in the left back shoulder and left foot, another young fighter with a wound in the right leg and yet another fighter with wound in the right buttocks.

Intelligence also reports that the remnants have only 3 M16 rifles, one fitted with  an M203 grenade launcher, one M14, a depleted ammunition supply, an analog cell phone with spare batteries, no food, no local support, have been sleepless and are on the run without any more capacity to fight.

At the same meeting, Gov Chatto told media that he pressed on the role of civilians in the side of law enforcement against terrorism and criminality even as he cited the role the children played that led to the thwarting of the ASG terror plans.


“The mayors resolved to strengthen all towns, barangays and puroks especially their coastal areas,” Chatto appraised the Bohol media during the briefing.


Even then, President Rodrigo Duterte announced that the government is giving a cash bounty of a million pesos to anybody who could positively share information leading to the arrest or neutralization of the remaining bandits in Bohol.


He also urged civilians to help as he hinted a government move to arm the civilians to help pursue the bandits. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

Bandits demoralized, left without support


TAGBILARAN CITY, April 18 (PIA)–The remnants of the armed bandits the joint police and military operatives encountered in Inabanga are demoralized, on the run without any support system, and it may not be long before the government troops get to them.

Thus hinted Lieutenant Colonel Adolfo Espuelas Jr, speaking for the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) during a press briefing with the military and the police on the Inabanga incident.

Last April 11, government troops acted upon information from the community in Napo and attempted to confirm the presence of at least 12 armed men, who came up river on three small but fast boats.

The bandits welcomed the troops with sniping fire, that a trading of gunfire ensued which lasted for over 24 hours.

The government used air assets, dropped 10 bombs and helicopter fire to flash out the snipers in well entrenched spots.

When the smoke of gunfight settled, the government lost three soldiers and a special weapons expert while the military declared five body counts from the enemies, including the alleged leader of the group Abu Rami.

Military authorities also recovered one Colt M4 Rifle with long magazine and 28 ammunitions, one M16 A1, one AR Cal 223, one M16 A1 Rifle with short magazine and twenty live ammo, one calibre 45, one M203 ammo, two short housing magazine assembly.


Also recovered were one galva tester (electronic current tester), one Icom radio, one flashlight, two remote control radio, two surgical forceps, five Kuran (Muslim bibles), one  electric soldering gun, 27 glue sticks, one electric cutter, one pair of scissors, one small screw driver, led component, 22 silicon control rectifiers (for electronic power control), four 12 volt relays, eight slide switches, 86 led lights, 46 resistors, three cellphone batteries, one nine volts battery, ten Christmas light bulbs and three pump boats.


The discovery bolstered the  intelligence reports that the group were to do bombing operations.


Two of those who died were a couple who owned the house where the armed bandits.

Military sources later said some 7 armed men may have escaped the onslaught but are still contained in the nearby barangays.

A day later, during mopping up operations, military troops dug up another corpse which later was pegged as the bandit’s bomb expert.

While frightened Boholanos shared hundreds of information on social media about the incident, Governor Edgar Chatto called for vigilance and pleaded to pass any information to authorities so they can handle the analysis.

Even if you have good intentions but do not have the basis for sharing information, do not make conclusions and do not pass it on. You are not helping, Chatto was quoted by his media group the Effective Development Communications (EDCOM).

But as the days went on with the military troops tracking the stragglers, Col Espuelas said the enemies are in no fighting mood and their priority is escaping.

“The firefight has expended most of their ammunition and they have lost the capacity to inflict any more damage,” he said.

On or about 1:00 PM of April 12, residents have confirmed the presence of 7 armed bandits begging for food in the vicinity of the encounter area, and days later, witnesses reportedly saw the same armed men, emaciated, three of them wounded, including their local contact Joselito Meloria, who nursed a wound in the back of the shoulder.

They have no food, they are in a hostile territory unlike in Sulu or Basilan when they have supporters, and Boholanos are reporting their whereabouts, Col Espuelas commented.

“It might not be long, as government troops continue to scour the area,” he added.

Bohol authorities have confirmed that a concerned citizen has put up a bounty of P100,000 for each of the bandits, the reward money to be given to anyone who could provide information leading to the arrest and neutralization of any of the stragglers.  (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Bohol Police Chief PSSupt Felipe Natividad and ISAFP Lt. Col Adolfo Espuelas are positive the remnants of the armed bandits are on the brink of breaking down, contained in the fields of Inabanga, where the government troops are catching up on them anytime. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

PO2 Arlene Manatad: One, only woman SWAT

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 11, (PIA)—So what’s with a woman in the elite police force?

There must have something that toughened this frail girl in a brood of four from a remote barangay in Buenavista, Bohol to let her squeeze through hardships as they fall one by one the moment she wears the bulletproof vest of prayer and determination.
The name Arlene Manatad is just like any ordinary Boholano name.
At 27, and a single parent to an 8 year old girl, this innocent looking face and disarming smile is a woman’s taser. But her normal build masks a core toughness that makes Arlene Manatad a name whispered among the elites of Bohol police force.
She has just crossed over the fence of the frail woman image to be honored as the first and only woman member of the elite police Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team in Bohol.
Said to be the toughest test of physical fitness and agility, mental and spiritual strength among elite police officer’s trainings, SWAT commissioning have been notoriously called the most physically rigorous and mentally straining activity for 77 days of police life.
But for Police Officer 2 Manatad, the pain and the strain are just hurdles towards her determined goal to bring the woman earn its rightful equal footing, with the men.
Born on June 4, 1989 as the youngest in a brood of four, three of them boys, Arlene traces her playgrounds in remote barangay in Lusong, Buenavista town. Their father works as the barangay captian and sallies back and forth with works at the National Grid Corporation while her mother does the child rearing and the housework.
For her, being alone to fend off for herself is never new: she has to walk from her barangay to the nearby elementary school in Lubang, and to stay in a boarding house in Getafe for her secondary schools. By the time she was ripe for college, she opted to sail across to Cebu and studied Bachelor of Science major in Criminology at the University of Cebu. Alone.
A class mate in college, whom she would have to be forced to marry, got her pregnant. Four days after her marriage, her husband left them and would show up again later in her life.
When ladies of less temper would have surrendered to the bad fate, she continued her school while nursing the baby and keeping them eating square meals in economically challenging Cebu.
By December 1, 2010, she was accepted in the police force after passing the board, at that time, her estranged husband showed up to seek favors, but having survived after he abandoned them, she has had enough.
Her first assignment was at the Cebu Provincial Police Office, but desk work bores her that she decided to barge into the world of men in the police force: the Regional Public Safety Battalion.
There she showed what a woman can do in a world dominated by testosterone: become intelligence chief among Alpha ones.
To prove she still has a fight left in her, she jumped into the chance to train into the anti-insurgency police force: the PNP Scouts.
Along with 2000 at the trainings, Arlene was said to be the youngest but was the source of inspiration among women in the training camp.
“I was the youngest but I hand to be the mother taking care of the women who feel too tired to go on,” she beamed.
For that, she said she felt lucky to be among the 264 police officers accepted.
And that plus her precise operational skills endeared her to the elder SWAT: she was often borrowed to infiltrate anti-drug and anti- crime ring operations.
After completing years of meritorious service for Cebu, PO2 Arlene requested for transfer, where the SWAT and RPSB take turns using her skill and intelligence gathering skills in operations, enough to push her to finally officially join the SWAT training in Bohol.
Of the 4 women in the 72 who started training in November, PO2 Manatad flew through the hurdles, grimacing but the pain paid off when she finished among the top ten in a graduating class of 64.
“The training was hard but what was harder was when my father left us and my mother for another woman in 2012,” she bared.
But, if it had to happen, it should, she finally hinted.
Already whetted by the abrasive stones of trails, the acid test of endurance in trainings and the firm resolve to fight it out; nails and teeth, when life hands a dirty deal, living as a woman, mother and a crime-buster for PO2 Arlene Manatad has always been a multi-tasking feat.
“Of course, life is tough, she hints, but with the playing fields now expanding for women to get on the arena, all one needs is to commit to the tasks at hand and never give up,” she advised.
“As women, we should never be afraid to stand for our rights,” she stressed.
We are not alone. We have agencies that are there to help us, she capped.
That statement etched an image in our minds, “fix eyes to the target, breathe, relax, aim and shoot.”
It could have been PO2 Manatad’s unspoken motto.
She is an undisputed sharpshooter, co SWAT graduates proudly told us. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Fixing the eyes to the crosshairs, breathe, relax, aim, squeeze and shoot. PO2 Arlene Manatad shares what being a woman is in a world brimming with testosterone. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)