Kumon K of C Awards Advanced Students and Completers

Kumon K of C awarded its advanced students and program completers in a simple awarding ceremony on May 5, 2018 at the Kumon K of C.  Chief Instructor Dr. Elva Evasco-Auza presented medals and certificates to the advanced students.  Dr. Auza also presented certificates of completion to the program completers.
The Kumon ASHR (advanced students honor roll) include the bronze award given to the students who have advanced 6 months ahead of their grade level.  The silver award is given to the students who are 2 years advanced and the gold award is given to the students who are 3 years advanced.
The program completers are as follows:  Alex Rina, Jhaeia Dolalas, Ashley Empuerto, Karl Jipos, Benedict Galorport, Nesshil Namocatcat, Kristinne Garcia and Chaira Angela Galorio, Janine Shane Abellana, Chawisa Genosas, Karl Priscilla, Alyssa Mae Gallentes Jamero, Ashley Mae Gallentes Jamero and Cheska Genosas.
The rest of the Kumon K of C instructors and administration staff joined the celebration together with the parents of the advanced students and completers.

The Kumon K of C Completers for May 2018 together with Chief Instructor Dr. Elva Evasco-Auza and staff