“Build, Build, Build” puts in P2.2 B ports infra development fund-PPA

For the Philippine Ports Authority’s (PPA) programmed ports development alone, the government puts in over P2.2 billion to complete an inter-modal transport system under its Build, Build program.

This is according to PPA Bohol Ports Manager Engr. James Gantalao, during a Department of Transportation (dotr) hosted Media familiarization Tour to the Port of Tubigon, a newly completed port that the PPA callef as , its major port in Bohol’s northwestern quadrant.

The low-key and yet consummate performer port manager who has roots in Maribojoc, explained that the PPA was looking at dividing Bohol into four, so as to rationalize its development to benefit the entire island.

While the PPA has major ports in Tagbilaran, Jagna, Ubay, Talibon, Getafe and Tubigon, the government has also looked at focusing on the four ports of Tagbilaran, Jagna, Ubay with Tapal, Getafe, which is closer to Cordova in Cebu and Tubigon.

The idea is to make all these ports pick the same standard for international tourists that the tourism port of Tagbilaran has since adopted, according to Engr. Gantalao.

Getting the lion share in the Build, Build, Build funds through the PPA is Tubigon Port, which has a proposed P 500 million fund for the 23,385 square meters of additional space the government is reclaiming.

The port of Tubigon had DOTr Secretary Art Tugade officiating its project turn over early this year.

But even with some parts of the port showing the devastation caused by the 2013 earthquake, the PPA has managed to complete the port management’s administration building with one-stop service station, and the 200 seats passenger terminal building as previously planned.

With the port getting more port calls, a passenger volume of about 6,000 now, and Bohol’s identified rolling cargo port, expanding the port’s spaces come as a necessity.

On this, the PPA, through the Build, Build, Build is again putting up half a billion fund.

This would expand the port into a convenient and spacious gateway to Bohol, Engr Gantalao shared.

Then, Ubay port, has a total of P200 million allocation, Gantalao updated the media.

With about 5 hectares of planned reclamation, when completed, Ubay port would soon be Bohol’s biggest port which would serve the Leyte-Bohol Roll-On, Roll-Off link.

Moreover, its municipal ports of Tapal and Aguining are also allocated development funds.

For the port of Tagbilaran, while Gantalao said they have good raves from international guests, it is the locals who find the facility always wanting in service.

Already among the countrys best managed ports, Tagbilaran still has to step up especially when a huge bulk of Bohols trade and.industry uses this port.

And with limited parking space, and a small passenger terminal building, the need for another passenger terminal hub in the port complex is imperative.

For the port of Tagbilaran, which now has 22 Oceanjet trips alone, the government is putting up another P150 M, for an expansion and a new and bigger Passenger Terminal Building, and more parking spaces.

Tagbilaran is the strategic port that connects aa western Mindanao, Negros and Cebu.

According to the PPA, the port of Getafe, the one closest to Cordova in Cebu, with a travel time of 45 minutes, takes the government’s attention.

For the port that is getting busier now, the government has allotted P150 million for its improvement.

Development planners at the PPA believe that the strategic port of Getafe can boost economic and tourism activities in northern Bohol.

On the southeast side is Bohol’s gateway to Mindanao.

Jagna Port, owing to its being a strong link to Mindanao gets P97 million this time from the Build Build Build.

Other than Jagna, the Port of Maribojoc, which has the potential to be a cargo port is now eyed for a P450 million port development in this year’s infrastructure projects.

Other ports which the government splurging on infrastructure that ferries development are the ports of Aguining, Popoo, Tapal, and Albur, PPA said. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

MANAGING THE PORTS BUILD. PPA Manager Engr James Gantalao briefs media on the improvement plans for the Tubigon port, the biggest rolling cargo port aoutside Tagbilaran. PPA gets P2.2 B in ports development from the government’s Build Build Build. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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