Auza.Net Starts Summer 2017 OJT Program

By: Jerome Auza

It has become a tradition of Auza.Net to accommodate as many on-the-job trainees as we could fit in our small office. This year, we have selected eight students who are graduating in the next school year to undergo our summer OJT program.  Our projects include data processing and automation of mass data input.  Some of the students will explore the use of Arduino and embedded systems for building security and monitoring applications.  They will also learn about website development and will be involved in commercial projects.

They will also be involved in a small structured cabling project at the Auza.Net office.

The OJT program we conduct exposes the students to real world application of technology.  It also gives them a gentle introduction into the world of business.  Aside from learning technical skills, Auza.Net will also introduce business and leadership training this year.  We believe that these students would benefit from the business knowledge they will gain.  They will also learn to be leaders develop themselves to take on leadership positions when they get employed or start their own businesses.

The eight qualified trainees are BS Computer Engineering and BS Computer Science students selected from a fairly large number of applications.

We will publish their progress on their projects towards the end of the OJT program.  Auza.Net has successfully launched commercial projects where trainees were involved in the development, testing and deployment.  Among the notable projects are the DYRD-AM Worldwide Broadcast, the PPCRV-Bohol Online Election Data Audit System, Bohol News Daily and the PRC Passers websites.

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