Having a soft spot for farmers, Gov. Art Yap took no time to listen to the updates of the cloud seeding operations in Bohol.

Based on the report; Cloud Seeding Operations were conducted last July 05 with Pilots; CAPT Badhran & CAPT Soliton using cherokee# RPC 2872.
Also with the team are 1LT MERCADO (flyer), MSg Fabro PAF , Spotter: TSg Maborrang PAF and
BSWM rep: Engr. Corazon Ditarro

On target for the operation is over the Malinao dam in San miguel.

They loaded about 15sacks/ 475kgs of salt which resulted to heavy rains in the said area.

As of July 5, 2019, there have been a total of 14 sorties conducted with 20+34 Hours flight time and consumed about 210 bags salt (5,250 kls.) used for Cloud Seeding 0perations in Bohol.

Yap was grateful for the accomplishments which he said, greatly helped our farmers. He also reiterated his support to the operations and to continue if needed. [Edcom]

Rep. Aris, Gov. Art, team talk tourism for 2nd District


Rep. Aris, Gov. Art, team

talk tourism for 2nd District


DEVELOP more tourism destinations in the 2nd District to make a new loop that will expose the potentials of the other side of Bohol.

This was the consensus of Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado of Bohol’s 2nd District, newly minted Gov. Arthur Yap and the latter’s economic advisers in a meeting July 2 at the Shang Palace in Northtown, Taloto District, Tagbilaran City.

Aumentado said the work on the extension of the Ubay Aiport is ongoing such that it will soon become as long as the Tagbilaran Airport. When that happens, it can already accommodate planes like those that used to land at the Tagbilaran Airport.

With this infrastructure shaping up, next to the fine white sand beaches of Anda town that is a mere 45 minutes from the Ubay Airport, the solon, the governor and the economic advisers agreed that the tourism come-ons of a new loop, say of Ubay, Danao and Buenavista, must be developed in order to entice local and foreign tourists.

Danao already has its adventure park featuring the zip line, canyon jump, cliff rappelling and other activities for the not so faint-hearted. These may ned enhancement, even as Ubay has water sports in the dam reservoir to offer. Buenavista has its canoe paddling and oyster feast to boast off.

These can be improved, connected and arranged for a day tour. But the tourists’ stay can be extended if these towns can provide areas, food, more activities and facilities for camping or, if they want, glamorous camping or “glamping”.

At the same time, Aumentado said, this will be a captured market for the farmers in these areas. The farmers can directly sell their produce to institutions catering to the needs of the tourists, thereby removing the average of two to three middlemen who mark up the prices even before these reach the market.

The farmers, he added, must also be trained to augment their rice with high value cash crops (HVCCs), planted “round robin” so that the they harvest every one or two months. After all, when rice farmers harvest, they will have nothing for the next three or so months until the next harvest.

Improving the local vegetable or other crop yield will definitely fill the gap now being supplied by “imports” from Mindanao and even southern Cebu, and improve the lot of the Boholano farmers, Aumentado concluded.

TALE OF TWO “A”s. Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado of Bohol’s 2nd District (left) gets to tour the Capitol, courtesy of newly minted Gov. Arthur Yap. Both pose in front of the imposing façade of the new building. Photo: Facebook Account of ArisAumentado




“Every peso spent in Bohol for food, goes to our Bol-anon farmers,” Gov. Art Yap said of his dream for Bohol.

Wasting no time with fresh mandate given to him as the province’s father, Yap convened tourism and agriculture sectors this week to set directions he is pursuing to achieve his administration’s agenda of creating jobs and opportunities.

The former agriculture secretary and three-term congressman of the third district gathered agriculture commodity champions Friday afternoon.

Offering a new take on Bohol growth, Yap issued directives to determine Demand Per Capita for fruits, vegetables, fish, cacao, coffee, livestock, poultry, as well as to build commodity chains for each product.

Earlier this week, Yap brought to Bohol officials of the Philippine Chamber of Agriculture and Food at an agriculture investment forum for large producers to meet potential partners in Bohol.

The Provincial Government, on the other hand, will work on building more bagsakan centers, enhancing support for planting materials, soil technology, financing, and insurance, as well as connecting producers to the market.

Knowing the demand, production figures, and import value for food being consumed, he said, will enable agriculture sector to determine its growth target, which goal is to increase food supply to bring down the price of food.

Yap’s administration also intends to maximize tourism potential of Bohol. In a meeting with the Management Executive Board, Yap’s marching order was to “Think, live, sleep tourism.”

He said agriculture and culture can be folded into tourism. On top of his strategies to meet agenda on tourism are transportation, waste management, power, and water. He also considers health care, disaster preparedness, and training and capacity building as priority.

He met with tourism and transport sector representatives on Friday to discuss concerns on transportation as well as accommodations.

“We will hammer away until all problems are resolved,” he assured tourism stakeholders.

He will be meeting with Tagbilaran City Mayor Baba Yap, Dauis Mayor Miriam Sumaylo, and Panglao Mayor Nila Montero to iron out issues about routes and operations in a follow up meeting with the transport group.

He is also seeking to reach a compromise with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) for standardization of wastewater treatment facilities in establishments in Bohol.

His administration is keen on investing on tourism promotions and applying a star-rating system for destinations.(edcom)

HNP supports Aris’ 2nd District projects


BIRTHDAYS can be celebrations for another milestone in life, a reunion of family and friends, and renewal of commitment of support to political partymates.

The latter was what happened to Rep. Erico Aristotle Aumentado of the 2nd District – the lone Boholano congressman invited to the recent birthday bash of Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

Sara and her brothers Paolo, Davao City’s 1st District congressman, and Vice Mayor Sebastian affirmed their support for Aumentado. The latter will attend the Hugpong ng Pagbabago’s (HNP) anniversary fete and gathering of supporters tomorrow in Manila as Bohol’s lone representative for Congress.

Aumentado said the affirmation of support augurs well for the implementation of pipeline projects in Bohol’s 2nd District needed to uplift the lives of his constituents.

The projects include the last round for the construction/repair/rehabilitation of barangay multipurpose buildings at P750,000. The next round, the solon explained, will be at P1 million for each barangay.

Other projects include waterworks systems, road concreting, concreting of off carriageway, some with slope protection, river controls, and school buildings, among others.

Aumentado emphasized that these are from national government funds allocated to the Department of Public Works and Highways for which he played a major role in identification and prioritization – which he will shepherd until implementation.

Aris to expand tourism prospects in 2nd District


REP. Erico Aristotle Aumentado will meet with national tourism officials in Manila this week to map out plans, explore prospects, and develop new attractions for the 2nd district.

Aumentado says he wants synergetic tourism development so that each town can “sell” the destinations of the other towns – instead of competing with each other for tourists to visit their more or less the same, or similar – attractions.

He also said he will pitch sales for the development of a promontory in Cambugsay that is overlooking the dam, and the paddling on the river for talaba (oysters) downstream in Cambuhat, Buenavista.

He will also arrange with the National Irrigation Administration (NIA) for water-borne adventure tourism in the dam. Just like in Cambuhat, the food will be cooked and prepared by a people’s organization to augment their respective family incomes.

When realized, the people will then experience dragon boat rides, and feast on fresh, savory and organically grown vegetables and fish dishes harvested from farms.

The only “developed” tourism attraction in the district so far, he said, is the Danao Adventure Park and Playground. He lamented that nothing else of tourism value has been developed along the way as interesting stops.

He wants development to be spread wider, especially with the improvement of the Ubay Airport. To boot, Ubay is nearer to the fine white sand beaches in Anda and whatever it is that the towns along the way can develop.