Aris’ previous statement on power ‘not misleading’


REP. Erico Aristotle Aumentado of Bohol’s 2nd District stands by his previous statement that “the Cantakoy hydroelectric project found no support from the next administration.

This solon emphasized that “this was not a misleading statement”, but a statement of facts.

Aumentado said partners Ayala Group and Sta. Clara Power Corp. were well on their way in establishing the Cantakoy project – taking extra diligent care in providing mitigating measures for what experts had described “critical” and “dangerous” – during the incumbency of his namesake father and immediate congressional predecessor, former governor Erico Boyles Aumentado.

Sta. Clara Power Corporation is an independent power producing company in the Philippines. It focuses on hydro power development. The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Mandaluyong, the Philippines. Sta. Clara Power Corporation operates as a subsidiary of Sta. Clara International Corporation

But for reasons of their own, the next administration did not pursue Cantakoy – despite the impending and expected stark increase in power consumption due to the operationalization of the Panglao Bohol International Airport.

Airports are stand-alone natural investment come-ons, but since Bohol has been vigorously inviting investors, the province should have taken more aggressive steps in meeting the increasing power demand. After all, he said, only in the power industry is redundancy welcome.

The recent price hike scare prompted Aumentado to walk what has so far been merely talk. The resumption of the Cantakoy project would be his “little contribution” to ease the current power crisis in Bohol.

He said Cantakoy can augment the power “imported” from the Tongonan Geothermal Plant in Leyte by from eight to 10 megawatts.

With no source other than Leyte tapped, the Boholanos are now experiencing a shortage in the supposed to be redundant power supply for which the elder Aumentado had taken steps to avert as early as 2008-2009.

The younger Aumentado says he is now taking the cudgels for the Boholanos to rekindle negotiations – and also push for the laying out of another submarine cable from Cebu.

After all, the Bohol Energy Development Advisory Group (BEDAG) has yet to announce a project geared towards alleviating the fear of the Boholanos of a power shortage leading to rotational blackouts – an additional burden to businessmen and even government offices who have to spend for generators and fuel.

He added that had the Cantakoy hydro project been not aborted, this would have been operational by now.

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