Aris: DPWH soon to build Talibon-Bien Unido bridge


REP. Erico Aristotle Aumentado expresses hope that construction of the bridge that will link Talibon and Bien Unido towns in northern Bohol will start within the year.

Aumentado will meet Engr. Vicente Valle Jr. of the Bohol 2nd District Engineering Office and his staff next week at the latter’s office in Ubay town for a briefing on the timelines of the bridge construction.

Talibon and Bien Unido towns are located on separate promontories jutting out toward Cebu, separated by a bay, with Trinidad town in the river delta.

The road trip from Talibon to Bien Unido spans 20 kilometers, but with the bridge, the distance will just be seven kilometers.

Aumentado said this will be “definitely a big and welcome development” for his constituents in both towns – and the rest of the district, and ultimately the province – as this will cut travel time and the attendant expenses.

This will also reduce the price of goods as transport from the mother town of Talibon will be shorter, easier, more convenient and comfortable.

The solon said the shorter distance will give his constituents more time for other equally, or even more important tasks.

During the meeting, Aumentado expressed hope that Valle will declare the detailed engineering design and bid documents ready so that bidding can already be scheduled, and the physical works to start within the year.

Meanwhile, the solon recently filed House Bill 2109 that proposes to construct the Bohol-Leyte Link Bridge.

On a bigger scale now, this link will provide passengers and their freight the option to travel by land through this bridge, rather than risk their lives and cargo if they sail during inclement weather, especially when the sea is rough.

As proposed, the bridge will anchor in Ubay to President Carlos P. Garcia town, and on to Maasin, Southern Leyte.

NEW LINK. Rep, Erico Aristotle Aumentado has filed House Bill 2109 that seeks to construct the proposed Bohol-Leyte Link Bridge (left) with anchors in Ubay, Bohol and Maasin City, Southern Leyte. At right is the bridge’s perspective view. Photos: Facebook Account of Aris Aumentado

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