Aquino to investors: Transparency is name of game

PRESIDENT Benigno S. Aquino III assured investors Thursday that all transactions under the
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects would be transparent and open for scrutiny.

“We call it daylight,” the President said in speech at the opening of Infrastructure Philippines
2010 at the grand ballroom of Marriott Hotel in Villamor, Pasay City.

“The way forward is to move together in the broad light of day, where everything we do and
how we do it is clear, honest and transparent,” he said.

The President explained that “daylight” is the administration’s strategy for rectifying errors
and standard of performance by both government and private partnerships.

He told investors that being the Chief Executive, his mandate is to prove that corruption and
poverty can be reduced to the extent that the Philippines of 2016 will be a far different place
than the Philippines of June 2010.

For now, he said, the goal of his administration is “to prove that the straight path is the path
not only to success, but already a path marked by ever-increasing successes.”

The President reiterated that the present government is committed to a positive, productive
partnership with private stakeholders based on measurable and quantifiable-building
measures. (PCOO)

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