Abu Sayyaf Killed In Hostage Try

An Abu Sayyaf bandit was killed in Pangganan, Calape around 1 in the afternoon on Monday, May 15, 2017.

The alleged ASG member attempted to take hostage a man at the shore in that area. The authorities are still yet to ascertain the identity of the casualty.

Two alleged ASG members were spotted in the area late last week.

Reports from Calape Police Station — heard over DYRD-AM Worldwide

Update: 2:38PM over DYRD:
The ASG member is identified as Abu Ubayda. He was killed by police operatives at Barangay Lawis, near a mangrove area. Conflicting reports were provided by different news casters on the actual location but the barangays mentioned are next to each other. The other barangay mentioned is Barangay Cahayag.

The area were the body was found is already cordoned off by the police.

Update: 3:17PM over DYRD:
The ASG member was able to steal a motorcycle. They were hiding in the mangrove area.

The suspect had hostaged a family of a certain Mr. Tuloy since last Friday and made them into lookouts and ordered them to provide food and protection. They threatened the family that they will be killed if they tell authorities about them. However, the ASG suspects did not go into the house of the family though. Mr. Tuloy was ordered Monday morning to check if there are still soldiers and checkpoints.

A Porterio Kusina, a local resident, was wounded when he attempted to fight back the suspects when they passed by. The suspects, fortunately, were in a hurry to evade authorities and left Mr. Kusina.

Update: 3:37PM over DYRD:
The dead ASG was bringing a long firearm and fought back Army troops that pursued them. However, the identity could not be ascertained yet because the face was badly damaged from the firefight. The other suspect is still being pursued.

SWAT, 47th IB, PNP-Calape and Rapid Response teams are in the area.

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