6% increase in monthly Crimes, still low-PNP

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, October 6 (PIA)—From 484 cases recorded last month, Bohol Police based in Camp Francisco Dagohoy reported a slight increase, as they note a 6% increase in crime volume for the 6 month crime trend beginning March.
The increase, which was traced to non-index crime, is still too low it failed to surpass the two consecutive monthly dips enjoyed at 20 and 26% , Camp Dagohoy through Police Chief Inspector Lorenzo Batuan said.
From 484 cases in August, crimes reported in police blotters across Bohol showed a total of 514 cases, which still could not completely submerge two succeeding 20% and 26% decreases from 736 cases in July, to date.
Camp Dagohoy crime statisticians also noted that the 6% increase in crimes is largely due to the increase in non-index crimes which sagged down to 361 after the last five months only to wallop back up with 42 more cases to 403.
At this, police have countlessly assured that in cases when there is an increase in non-index crimes, these are because police have doubled up working in implementing special laws, thus the 42 cases more.
As to the index crimes, from a high 198 cases in May 2018, the downtrend continues for the third month, bringing down index crimes to 111.
Physical injuries, which have always been a concern for members of the Provincial Peace and Order Council due to its capacity to bloat local crimes, nailed a 46.25% decrease in the last three months from high 80 cases in May to 37 in August.
Meanwhile, police may have found a way to get to criminals doing robbery cases marring Bohol crimes slate as the last three months pegged a 24.24% decrease.
Simply, it means from 28 robbery cases during the fiesta month of May, it is now down to near bottom with only 7 recorded cases.
The same is true with theft, police records showed.
In June, theft cases zoomed to its highest with 82 cases.
This however got trimmed to 56 by August, a substantial decrease which boosts an image local officials intend to tag Bohol with.
In the case of non-index crimes, the no-nonsense pursuit of the implementation of traffic laws and illegal drugs, which are among the special laws, showed promise.
From 100 cases in March, the continued implementation of other special laws, and their proper observance to bring about peace and order have brought victories with 161 cases recently recorded.
Traffic related incidents for example, which peaked at 266 in May, apparently hit a speed bump with a visible decrease to 190 in August.
For this, Bohol now pegs a 37.27 average monthly crime rateand 8.05 average index monthly crime rate. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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