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262-A JA Clarin Street
Tagbilaran City, Bohol
Philippines 6300
Telephone: +63 38 5017931
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Philippine Information Agency
Bohol Information Center
LMP Building, K of C Drive, Poblacion II, Tagbilaran City
Telephone Numbers (038) 411-2292, 501-8554

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  1. amybueno says:

    hello…good day to all…
    we are concerned owners of small internet cafes in tagbilaran…we are concerned because the mayor’s office refuses to renew our business licenses…this is very unfair since all of us are just trying to do our best during these very difficult times…we actually have a letter for Mr. Mayor and we are wondering how will we be able to send the message to him..or can we post it in this site? please help us..thanks

  2. jeeggai says:

    hi, i would to ask your help. i want to report our community problem here in the Municipality of BATUAN,specifically in the barangay of Pob Sur, Camia Street. I would like to report the owner ‘Sumampong Family, presently one of our town counsilor Mr. Tingting Sumampong and his family’ regarding their continued dumping or disposal of their piggery’s waste on our community canal. this has been too long enough that the neighborhood had been complaining, children have been having on-off cough due the filty smell every second of the day. this has been reported many times in our local government but no action. Hope that your program will help us to breath fresher air soon. thank you very much.

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